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Transport bags and functional bags

For devices, machines or folding measuring systems…

Many products that require frequent transportation can easily become damaged without an adequate protective bag. An individually-tailored transport and functional bag can help.

As a specialist in functional bags, HALFAR® develops the perfect solution for transporting fragile and sensitive products. For more than 30 years, we have been designing, conceptualising and producing special bags, backpacks and carrying systems for almost all application areas and many well-known companies from a wide range of sectors. Time and time again, we are surprised by the fields and functions for which our customers need special solutions – solutions that we can develop and produce for them. Here are some examples:

Bags for planning, presentation, trade fairs/exhibitions

  • Type: Transport bags, wheeled bags, holsters
  • Use: Packaging of mobile trade fair systems, pop-up walls, presentation counters, folding walls, displays, banners, lighting, brochure stands, advertising boards
  • Benefit: Space-optimised packaging, protects and organises trade fair and display systems

Bags for emergency workers, army and medical technology

  • Type: Transport bags and backpacks, deployment and rescue bags
  • Use: Transportation of items of equipment for rescue staff, SWAT teams and the army
  • Benefit: Protection and organisation of sometimes sensitive devices
  • Type: Functional bags, trolleys, device bags
  • Use: Protection of oxygen devices and vital function monitoring devices
  • Benefit: Allows mobile, external use, protection of sensitive and fragile technology

The path to your individual transport bag

The first step towards your individual transport bag is for us to work with you to analyse what you want and need. When a bag needs to be designed for a specific device or product, we use this as the guide from the very start. Even if not, we examine the requirements in detail and answer questions such as:

  • What are the dimensions of the content to be transported and protected, the devices etc., and what do they weigh?
  • How many components need to fit into the bag and in what configuration?
  • How and under what circumstances is the bag to be used?
  • What material are you envisioning – are there particular specifications or limitations?
  • Is particular padding necessary?
  • Does the bag need a CD-compliant design or is a logo to be applied 
(e.g. using silkscreen printing, embroidery, digital printing, woven labels or metal emblems)?

We produce the prototype and the series

After evaluating the situation, we usually provide you with visualisations and/or prototypes. These prototypes allow you to see straight away whether the transport bag meets your needs.

Once the prototype and our quotation for production have been approved, we produce the bags in Eastern Europe or Asia, depending on the requirements.

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