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Halfar is a company with personality! And like every personality, we also have certain values that we hold dear and that set us apart. We stand up for these values. They make us distinctive, inspire us in our daily work and motivate us for the future. We have set out our most important characteristics and goals in our mission statement.

Code of Conduct

The roof of the company building with solar panels and green areas
Business conduct at Halfar is characterised by a sense of responsibility and ethical principles. We are committed to sustainable development that takes into account the needs of the individual, the company and the environment. At Halfar, we attach great importance to a culture of mutual trust that encourages a free exchange of views between all levels of the company. Therefore, we have laid down the fundamental values and rules of conduct in our Halfar Code of Conduct. In addition, we also refer to the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. An initiative for improving social standards in a global value chain, which Halfar has been a member of since 2009.

Environmental policy

At Halfar, we are aware of the ecological impact of our actions and take responsibility for it. Since 2018, we have been certified according to the environmental management standard DIN ISO 14001:2015 and are continuously optimising our processes. 

Our environmental policy summarises the ecological criteria regarding our corporate decisions and makes them transparent and implementable for all parties involved. 

The primary goal of our environmental policy is to ensure the highest possible resource efficiency and the most sustainable product benefits for our customers. Negative ecological effects are to be avoided as far as possible in the sense of sustainable business. 

The guidelines on the topics of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, handling of chemicals, biodiversity, use of resources, handling of waste, handling of waste water and prevention and management of serious incidents are regularly reviewed by the management and adjusted if necessary. We report on planned and implemented measures in our blog and in the "Sustainability" section of our website. 

Halfar steadily pursues a green environmental policy

Sustainable procurement policy

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For the procurement of all goods relevant to our operations, we strive to incorporate sustainable criteria at all stages of the supply chain that we can influence. This includes commitments on social, environmental, quality-related and ethical aspects, against which our supply chain is constantly reviewed and developed.

Within the supply chain, we, as well as our suppliers and our service providers, are committed to respecting human rights, maintaining occupational health and safety and implementing all social standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The BSCI Code of Conduct forms the basis of our international cooperation.

The standards for compliance with these social, ecological, ethical and qualitative aspects that also apply to Halfar are regulated by our sustainable procurement policy. This procurement policy is regularly reviewed by the management and adjusted if necessary.