Toiletry bags: ideal as a promotional item!

Basically, you need them all the time and everywhere. Whether at home or on the road, to take with you on short and long trips, for keeping small things in order or your personal selection of daily care products. For the toothbrush and favourite make-up on a handle, or to keep charging cables, adapters and pens well organised: Small well-sealable bags like toiletry bags are simply indispensable. And with customised printing, embroidery or other finishes, they make an ideal promotional item and gift for your customers. Are you curious about the variety of shapes, colours, styles, materials and possibilities at HALFAR®? Our assortment of toiletry bags as promotional products ranges from smart zip bags to elegant toiletry bags and fold-out toiletry bags that fit perfectly in travel bags

Personalise your own toiletry bag

Each of our models has a visible space for advertising. Simply select one of our toiletry and toiletry bags and decide on a colour. Would you like a bag made of organic cotton? Or would you prefer one made of transparent plastic suitable for hand luggage, trendy nylon or practical polyester? Find your favourite. You can rely on sustainability with all our customised toiletry bags. We will be happy to advise you on the finishing options and printing methods that can be used to make your advertising message fit your bag.

Toiletry bags for printing

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Toiletry bags and toiletry bags are suitable for printing. Your logo decorates the bag as a fine embroidery or colourful print, your lettering shines brightly with our bag materials. Whether you're looking for a classy, retro or classic design, HALFAR® has the right bag for your next promotion. A tip for your choice: discover beautiful models within our folders and covers that shine as helpful organisers in everyday life and the office.

Popular promotional gift: toiletry bag printing

The shampoo with the nice scent, the cream, the razor, the deodorant and the dental floss - we all appreciate having our personal things for the bathroom together and within reach. Who hasn't searched in vain for a missing lipstick or nail clippers? Stowed in beautiful sustainable bags, these darlings will never go missing again! Choose one of our toiletry bags as a promotional gift or one of our toiletry bags as a promotional item and give the gift of joy.