Different belts with different buckles


They are everywhere and yet often play a minor role in our attention: straps. Yet professional straps and strap systems play a proverbial supporting role - and not only when used in conjunction with a bag. Straps make life and work easier for those who use them. They take heavy loads, they provide comfortable support and good adaptability. At HALFAR® , we design and manufacture individual belts and belt solutions for a wide range of conceivable applications in the technical bags team. 

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From shoulder strap to transport strap: areas of use

When it comes to carrying and transporting, straps are the ideal textile solution and can be found in many areas. Here are some typical applications: 

  • Carrying straps as hip straps, pelvic straps, chest straps, shoulder straps or as carrying harnesses and carrying systems for comfortable lifting, e.g. as a rehabilitation strap for patients
  • Carrying straps, in many widths and all lengths, adjustable in length, with different snap hooks or fastening parts, with and without shoulder padding or anti-slip device
  • Padded hip and pelvic belts for equipment and tools of all kinds, also with integrated pockets and special fasteners
  • Shoulder straps, padded harnesses and carrying systems for equipment and tools

In 3 steps to your professional straps and strap systems

Always happy to help: Your HALFAR® Team technical bags
Do you have any questions? Wishes? Or can we get started straight away and you have an inquiry about a customised special bag? The team technical bags will be happy to advise you and be your sparring partner on the complete path to your bag solution. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call or write to us.

Why HALFAR® when it comes to straps and strap systems?

  • Decades of experience in finding textile solutions
  • Many well-known references from various industries, from automotive to medical technology. 
  • High quality, ensured via laboratories, tests and material tests. 
  • In-house development, sewing, prototype construction and finishing at our company site in Bielefeld 
  • Production of small runs and large series at long-standing partners in Europe or Asia HALFAR® is a ClimatePartner certified company and continues to reduce its CO2 footprint. 
  • Committed to sustainability - from recycled materials to family friendliness and logistics
  • And last but not least: Because we love textile products we work creatively, reliably and customer-oriented.
Find out more about what makes us the popular partner for technical and promotional bags in Germany at: That makes Halfar.
Individual strap system with a loop and a holder for a device

Professional straps - many designs and possibilities

Belt with buckle to wear on the hip
Compared to a bag, a strap looks simple, but it has a lot going for it. Its composition is decisive for its functionality. That's why we select material and workmanship individually and specifically according to your requirements. Whatever challenge you are looking for a strap solution for: We advise you, design your strap together and manufacture it in the desired functionality and quality. In doing so, we can draw on an almost infinite range of options to suit the respective area of application: 
  • Protective padding 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Various fasteners such as quick-release fasteners, Velcro, buckles 
  • Carabiner hooks of various types Additional carrying loops for tools, etc. 
  • Reflective tapes different materials, e.g. Cordura® - read more in the HALFAR® Blog 
  • And much more

Why we make straps individually customised

At HALFAR® you will not receive standardised straps from stock, but only individual, customised special productions as one-offs. Numerous references for commercial customers from various industries prove our competence in this area. Straps must always be perfectly matched to their intended use. Before development, it is particularly important for us to know your requirements and your application exactly. In this way, certain processing techniques and bar-tacking or bar-tacking seams can be used to take into account the right parameters in order to develop the appropriate strap. Important questions we ask before designing and manufacturing your belt: 

  • For what purpose and for which place of use is the strap system planned? 
  • What loads does it have to hold? 
  • What loads is the strap itself exposed to, for example through friction, weathering, etc.? 
  • How should the logo be applied? And how should the buckles and connections be dimensioned?

Belt system that is worn similarly to a backpack


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about straps and strap systems and our short answers. Still having questions? 

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The areas of usage of our straps and belt systems are versatile - contact us!
The production and delivery time depends on the scope of the project management, the complexity of the production of the order quantity, as well as the production location.
Depending on the complexity of the project, we offer straps and strap systems in small quantities - feel free to contact us to check the realisability of your project.
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