Promotional bags from HALFAR® carry brands everywhere

Promotional bags carry advertising - and in an extremely versatile and appealing way. Because promotional bags come in a wide variety of designs, from the simple cotton carrier bag as a giveaway to the high-quality and elaborate laptop backpack for business as a premium. There is something for every target group and every use. What else makes them an ideal promotional item: promotional bags can be optimally matched to the advertising company in terms of style, design, choice of colour and, of course, via individual advertising imprinting with a logo and/or advertising message. There is one thing you can always rely on with HALFAR®: the climate neutrality of your promotional bag from our range. After all, sustainability is particularly important to us and this is also reflected in many materials from organic cotton to recycled PET. What else distinguishes promotional bags and what exactly a promotional bag is - we give you a brief overview here.

Promotional bags - what types are there?

The variety of bags is large, there is a suitable model for every occasion. There are a few typical applications for promotional bags, such as trade fairs, business trips, promotions... For all these cases, we at HALFAR® have bags in our range that are especially designed for these uses, the target groups and the budgets: 

Trade fair bags

The gift for visitors to the stand. Requirement: Trade fair bags should be as big as trade fair catalogues, easy to carry and not take up too much space on the stand. 

Seminar bags 

For the participants. They advertise with branding and hold the documents for the seminar together - also in the form of writing cases and sleeves

Conference bags 

Accompany participants through the conference. Conference bags need at least an A4 format and store the documents in a practical and promotional way. 

Event bags 

As a practical companion and positive reminder of an event. Event bags continue to have an effect. Depending on the event, these bags can have many shapes and styles - from smart bum bags to summery beach bags to classy laptop sleeves or felt bags for printing, many things are possible.

Promotion bags 

They are eye-catching and completely aligned with the brand image. Promotional bags often serve as effective advertising equipment for a promotional team. Or they are used at the point of sale as promotional packaging and sales promotion. 

Merchandising bags 

From football clubs to city marketing: bags for printing cannot be missing in merchandising. It can be ideally customised and becomes an everyday companion for fans - and an advertising medium par excellence for the brand. By the way, we also have backpacks for printing in our range for all these cases. And if you want to make it even more individual: In addition to our extensive stock range, we also offer modular bags that you can design yourself, as well as the option of tailor-made bags.

Bags as promotional items or promotional gifts and their advertising space

The most important thing a bag needs as a promotional item is advertising space. That means it offers space that can be enhanced with a logo and an advertising message. How much space you give to this promotional imprint varies greatly. Here are the classics for decoration. In principle, a logo print is possible on a bag: 
  • on the bag flap 
  • on the front and back of the bag
  • on attached front pockets or compartments
  • in the side seam as a sewn-in woven label
  • on the padding of the shoulder strap, e.g. as an embroidery. 

Whether full-surface photo print, emblem, embroidery or doming: which finishing comes into question depends on the type and material of the promotional bag - and of course on your taste. It is a marketing decision whether the logo is used very discreetly or particularly conspicuously. We will be happy to advise you on how to match the promotional bag with logo / decoration to your goals.

Promotional bags, the sympathetic advertising media

Everyone likes bags - and everyone needs them. A good reason why bags are so popular as promotional items or promotional gift. At HALFAR®, it is important to us that our promotional bags are not just used once, but stay with the user for longer. That's why we focus on the appropriate quality and features of the bags. If the promotional bags are well made and look good, they will be used more often - an advantage for both the advertiser and the users. Equally decisive: the design. HALFAR® is always developing new products. After all, promotional bags with logo are also fashion accessories and complete the outfit - in the best case they become favourite companions. Emotional attachment is desired!

Ordering promotional bags - very simple

Find your promotional bag as promotional gift here in the huge selection of our bag shop. In the sale you also have the chance to make a bargain. 

If you have any questions, the promotional bag team at HALFAR® is always happy to help. We look forward to seeing you.

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