Have backpacks printed? Good idea!

Have backpacks printed presented as laptop backpacks, kids backpacks and gym bags
On your back, ready, go: backpacks are probably the most comfortable and practical bags there are. And the most casual ones anyway - what other bag gives you such freedom? All this makes them really likeable. So having backpacks printed and using them as promotional backpacks is more than a good idea. After all, backpacks are more or less the buddy type among bags - although they can be very classy, high-quality and technically sophisticated. It's not for nothing that HALFAR® offers a wide selection.
Your choice of printable backpacks at HALFAR®:
  • Laptop backpacks or also called notebook backpacks are the typical companions for business, university or school. Laptop backpacks from HALFAR® always have at least one special, padded notebook compartment.
  • Children's backpacks are smaller than backpacks for adults, so the ergonomics are right. The colours and functions of these printable backpacks are of course also specially designed for kids.
  • Drawstring bags are probably the simplest and most casual representatives among the backpacks, often made as drawstring bags and very light and uncomplicated. The name gym bag doesn't really cover it, because these backpacks can be used in many different ways. They are the light, fashionable trendsetters for many occasions.
  • Special backpacks for hiking and (outdoor) sports with many special features, specially designed for their use and their target group - you will of course also find them here in our bag shop.
Simply choose the backpacks for printing that best suit your brand and your customers.

Backpacks with logo

Printed with a logo, backpacks become a stage for your brand - and a mobile one that is visible everywhere. After all, these bags go everywhere: backpacks with a logo advertise on the street, while shopping, on buses and trains, while travelling, at school and university, in business and wherever people are on the move. Carried piggyback, nothing obstructs the view of the logo on the backpack. It attracts attention and advertises in passing, so to speak. Depending on the backpack model, there are various options for decoration: you can print backpacks with logos, embroider backpacks with logos or provide backpacks with a label for the logo (woven label, metal, doming, etc.).

Promotional backpacks can do more

Promotional backpacks presented as RUCKSACK STEP M
But it's not just the logo that makes backpacks good promotional products. Backpacks are everybodys darling and as a popular product they already have the best prerequisites for an advertising career. Most people associate positive experiences and values with backpacks: excursions, holidays, leisure, adventure, freedom... So printing on backpacks is an obvious choice. In terms of advertising impact, reach of the advertising message, contact rate, sympathy and benefit, promotional product backpacks occupy a top position among promotional bags for these reasons.

Design your own backpacks

At HALFAR® you have many options for designing backpacks yourself. Bring in your ideas and turn the backpack into an individual and successful advertising medium.
  • This is how you can design your own backpacks: 
  • Print or embroider backpacks with logos and/or advertising messages. 
  • Match the colours and materials of the backpacks to your corporate design
  • Determine the functions of the backpack 
  • Volume, compartment organisation, ergonomics, weatherproofing and much more 
  • Select the style of the backpack to match your brand identity, whether elegant, sporty, business-like, trendy ... 
Would you like even more freedom to design your own backpacks? In addition to our backpacks from stock, we also offer the option of implementing your own designs or using materials - we will be happy to advise you on the subject of custom-made bags and more to create your very own backpacks.
Design backpacks yourself presented as an example of embroidery

What promotional backpacks can do

Backpacks are as diverse as the people who wear them and the companies that advertise with them. At HALFAR®, all backpacks are specially designed for advertising - so they offer one or even several representative advertising spaces for printing with logos. In purely practical terms, this also means that the backpacks must be able to be clamped into printing or embroidery machines and offer the technical possibility of subsequent printing and embroidery. As advertising bag professionals, we already think of all this when we develop the bag. Apart from that, nothing distinguishes a promotional backpack from all other backpacks on the market. Promotional backpacks are just as light or heavy, large or small, versatile or minimalist, luxurious or budget-friendly as you want them to be for your customer. By the way, with HALFAR® you are sustainable in any case.

Tip: How to choose the right promotional backpack for your target group

For your advertising success, it is of course important that the backpack fits the target group. Put yourself in your customers' shoes.
  • What will he use the backpack for?
  • What is his style - more sporty or elegant?
  • What does he like?
  • Does he need a larger backpack or is a drawstring bag enough?
  • Will the item help him identify with this target group?

Print on backpacks - we are there for you

As a specialist for promotional bags and backpacks, the HALFAR® team is happy to answer all your questions about promotional backpacks. How your logo gets on the backpack, which material fits best, how sustainable we are and how you as a retailer can easily order your backpacks with logo from HALFAR® - you can already find many answers here in the shop and in our blog. We would be delighted if you chose us as your partner for printing backpacks.