LORRYBAG® FROM HALFAR® - the legendary tarpaulin bags

Assemble bags yourself using the example of LorryBag® Original 2
As individual and recycled as you like! Invented by HALFAR®, made into a unique promotional item by our customers. For over 10 years, the shoulder bags of the LorryBag® family have been the classics in our range of tarpaulin bags. And what makes them so special: no LorryBag® is like the other. The tarpaulin bags are the maximum in possible individuality and offer the ideal advertising space for your logo. Optionally, provide us with your own material and let it flow into your LorryBag® - as your own creative upcycling project. Discover the possibilities of a LorryBag® now and be inspired!

Which LorryBag® is yours? The selection at HALFAR®

LorryBag® Module
The almost-all-rounder for external presentation already comes with many ready-made bags. But you decide the design of the front. The LorryBag® Module is also ideally suited for the use of provided or recycled materials.
LorryBag® Eco
It's already in stock, ready to go. Even without a logo, this LorryBag® is "ready to wear" in many colours - just choose the print and off you go.
LorryBag® Original
The individualist among the LorryBags®. Here you determine the colours and materials as you like them. Just like the LorryBag® module, you can also use your own materials and recycle them.
Group picture modular bags

LorryBag® plus branding - it doesn't get any more unique than this

LorryBag® by HALFAR®
The LorryBag® itself is unique. With your logo or your advertising message, it becomes unmistakable. Each LorryBag® model has its own possibilities for individual advertising. Look at it and then decide whether you prefer to print the logo, make full-surface images an option or have designs embroidered on for a very valuable overall appearance.

A LorryBag® made with recycled material

...is the most sustainable form of recycling or upcycling - because the result is an extremely high-quality and unique product. We offer you as our customer the possibility to make a LorryBag® from your own materials. It is possible to produce only a part of the bag, such as the flap, or the entire bag from the desired material. In the first step, our team will check the material and then discuss with you the further steps up to the finished bag. Ask now for your individual LorryBag® made of your material.
Upcycling modular bags from Halfar