Printed shopping bags: better shopping with a promotional effect!

Did you know: printed shopping bags, shoppers and tote bags are among the most popular promotional items. No wonder, they are directly linked to a positive shopping experience. They are also incredibly practical and useful little helpers in everyday life. Something else also plays a major role in their success as promotional items: the haptic experience. Because unlike other forms of advertising, promotional products such as shopping bags make brands and advertising understandable and experienceable. In short: they are advertising you can touch. Find out here what other good reasons and options there are for printing shopping bags.

The difference between shopping bags and shoppers

What is a shopping bag or shopper? This term is not exactly defined. Usually, shopping bags are shoulder bags or shopping baskets. Not to be confused with a tote bag or shopping bag, which is more of a simple solution for spontaneous purchases. Of course, shopping bags should be spacious in order to accommodate different products in the best possible way. When it comes to size and shape, there are hardly any limits - from a handy shopping bag to a spacious shopper, everything is possible. The carrying straps of a shopping bag are usually designed so that they can be used both as a handle and as a shoulder strap - all in the spirit of efficient and gentle carrying. The large volume and carrying capacity of the shopping bag is therefore its key and makes up its usefulness.

Promotional shopping bags - ideal for many occasions 

Shoppers and carrier bags are the all-rounders for shopping, trade fairs and the beach... We have collected a small overview of what you can have shopping bags printed for. 
  • Shopper as shopping bag
    Of course, shopping is the main purpose of shoppers and tote bags. Depending on what is to be "shopped", different bags are an interesting option. Clothes and consumer goods rather require a large bag, pressure-sensitive groceries and products are safe in a basket and frozen products, or other refrigerated goods stay fresh longer in cool bags. 
  • Shopping bags as trade fair bags and promotional bags...
    Trade fair or shopping - the bag requirements are similar for both occasions. These bags should carry as many documents as possible at a trade fair and the comfort should be as high as possible. Printed shopping bags as promotional items and trade fair bags with your own company logo offer added value.
  • Shopping bags as beach bags or bath bags
    Beach towel, sunscreen, book, ball game...tote bags and shoppers must hold a lot. Combined with a beautiful, summery look, a shopping bag becomes a beach bag in a flash.
  • Shopping bags as picnic bags
    If you pack some hearty food for a snack or barbecue, the shopping bags can be transformed into picnic bags in no time at all - bon appétit!

The topic of printing carrier bags. Which finish is right?

Only the printing makes shopping bags a promising promotional item. That's why all HALFAR® shopping bags, from the simple cotton tote bag to the elaborate shopper, offer an exposed surface for applying logos or advertising messages. Your taste and the technical possibilities for the respective bag decide whether your shopping bag is printed or embroidered. Our team in the finishing department will be happy to advise you on which promotional decoration will make your tote bags shine as promotional products.

Printed shopping bags with special functions

  • The foldable shopper
    Practical when a shopping bag can be both: Very spacious for large purchases and small sized only to be used when needed. Foldable shopping bags meet these requirements perfectly. They can be folded very easily and flat and sometimes even stowed in their own front pocket. So, they come into their own as a second bag when they are needed. For example, during a city trip when you spontaneously go on a shopping excursion. 
  • The shopping basket
    Simply unfold the bag, go shopping and transport the groceries home safely. It's easy with the shopping basket. Keys, wallet and shopping list can be stowed in the zipped front pocket and quickly found again.
  • The backpack shopper
    Why not carry your shopping comfortably on your back? In addition to handles or shoulder straps, some shopping bags also offer this carrying option as a backpack.

Do you still have questions about shopper and shopping bag printing?

The HALFAR® team is happy to help and will advise you on the topic of bags as promotional items. You will also find a lot of interesting information here on the website - also about the climate neutrality of our bags. It applies to the entire stock range at HALFAR®. You can read more about the important topic of sustainability in our HALFAR® blog. Now have fun in our bag shop while choosing your shopping bags with printing.
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