Have sports bags printed and actively advertise!

Sports bags belong to active people - that means these bags are regularly on the move and often in use. The best conditions for having sports bags printed and using them as promotional items. Because they get around, from home to the football pitch, from the office to the fitness centre, from university to the indoor swimming pool... And everywhere they show their best, i. e. refined, side. Often, sports bags are also travel bags, because the requirements are very similar. If you want to have sports bags printed, we as promotional bag experts offer you a large selection and many different options. You can find out more about exactly what these are and what sports bags can also do as promotional products here.

Sport promotional products - what sports bags can do

Whether it's shoes for the football pitch, rackets for hockey, a mat for yoga class, or a towel and bathrobe for swimming practice, sports enthusiasts can sometimes break into a sweat when it comes to packing. Because for many sports, you need your own comprehensive equipment and, in turn, a suitable bag to match it. If you use sports bags as promotional products, you should keep these requirements in mind. However, most sports bags are all-rounders and already designed for many different uses. Whether football bags, swimming sports bags, yoga bags - sometimes it's just practical details or the very design that suits this target group so well. Bicycle bags are certainly an exception: they are specialists and have special features for attachment to the bike. As outdoor bags, they are also optimally prepared for wind and weather.

Choose functions and design your own sports bags

What is important to you? Some criteria that can help you choose the right sports bags: 
  • Volume and spaciousness: the complete equipment often needs a lot of space.
  • The "locker size": will the bag fit into the classic lockers in fitness centres?
  • Straps and handles: preferably adjustable in length and with padding.
  • Shoe pocket or wet compartment: especially important for outdoor activities like football and for wet towels
  • Large opening with zip: for easy packing and unpacking, even of larger items of equipment.
  • Colour and design: here you have the choice with HALFAR® sports bags and gym bags

Sports bags as a promotional item? Logo!

The individual promotional labelling is what turns sports bags into promotional items in the first place. HALFAR® bags make the difference: unlike conventional bags, they are specially designed as promotional bags for this finishing. This means that they offer at least one, sometimes several areas for printing logos and advertising messages. This turns sports bags into promotional items that are individually matched to brands and corporate CDs. The HALFAR® team is happy to help you if you would like to have sports bags printed.