Printing folders and finishing covers 

We all know those moments when we need to have the most important things for the next meeting, seminar or conference ready to hand. And often it starts then, the eager search for the last keywords on loose sheets of paper, the notes on individual sheets, the printout from the concept paper, the case with the business cards ... And where was the pen to take notes? Once you have had the pleasure of a well-organised writing case with space for everything you need, you will always want to have it with you from then on. Have your covers and folders printed and finished at HALFAR® - then your brand message will always be with you on business appointments along with your documents and utensils. 
Discover well-designed, attractive models for both analogue and digital working life in our wide range. Whether laptop bags with storage space for pads, documents and brochures, padded printable covers for notebooks, mobile computers and tablets, or business and event bags - the selection ranges from classic looks to stylish all-rounders in many colours with sophisticated extras. Writing covers for printing in various materials, organisers with pen loops and zips or simply the small pencil case for everything. Choose what you like and what suits your project best. In any case, your image motif, your message or your logo will communicate effectively, on sustainable folders and covers that will inspire your customers for a long time.

Writing folders printed with logo

Covers and writing folders as promotional items are ideal brand ambassadors. With large areas for advertising, our various finishing options come into their own depending on the model and material. Whether embroidered on PVC-free PES felt, printed in colour on robust plastic, with doming or laser engraving on metal emblems or applied using a suitable combination of techniques - we will make your writing folders with logo an absolute eye-catcher according to your wishes. Those who use them will enjoy all the benefits of well-organised papers and their own copy of our customisable covers and folders will become their favourite office companion.
Printing writing cases with logo as advertising application

Printing covers - spreading the message effectively

Are you looking for advertising materials that offer practical benefits and a great look? Which are sustainably produced and easy to use? On which your message is carried to your employees or customers? No matter whether you choose one of our covers for laptops and tablets or have one of our folders printed in which writing tools and documents are always at hand: We will be happy to advise you on all aspects and accompany you through the design process until you have your ideal promotional item. The tested quality and sustainability of all our articles from stock is just as self-evident for us as the variety in which we offer covers and folders for printing for every budget.