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They are tailor-made. They can do more than others. They simply look unique. In short: custom-made bags are unique creations with a lot of development spirit. With comprehensive know-how and decades of experience, we at HALFAR® realise individual bags according to our customers' wishes. Whether for promotional bags that transport brands or for technical bags that must meet special requirements: With us, customers can have bags made that are as unique and special as the companies that use them and the functions they fulfil in everyday life. Are you also looking for an unusual bag or an extraordinary, functional solution made of textile or sewable materials? Then we at HALFAR® are here for you with our custom-made bags.

Let bags be produced as technical bags and solutions to textile problems

Several bags from the Halfar special bags range
The device bag for tools, as protection and as transport means. The transport bag for medical technology such as oxygen equipment or blood glucose meters. The rescue bag for emergency doctors and paramedics. The straps for a carrying system. The transport cover for food deliveries. The first-aid bag for the car. All of these and many more are examples of textile solutions and custom-made bags that HALFAR® produces for its customers. Sometimes the focus is on very special material requirements such as flame retardancy or other. Sometimes it is the desire for a high-quality, high-performance protection and transport solution for sensitive equipment - which at the same time meets the company's requirements and transports the brand in the best possible way. Because, of course, technical bags can also be custom-made at HALFAR® with a decoration. Do you have any questions about these custom-made solutions and your options in this area? The technical bags team will be happy to answer them and looks forward to hearing from you.

Get bags made as promotional products

Promotional bags are usually made to catch the eye and always to please. After all, they transport brands and companies with their logos, advertising messages and images wherever potential customers and fans are. Whether as premiums, trade fair gifts, promotional or merchandising articles, whether for use in business, education or leisure: the better the bag fits the respective advertiser, the better. That's why HALFAR®, as the specialist for promotional bags, offers an immense selection of promotional bags from stock that can be used in all these fields for many requirements. With their wide range of shapes, colours, styles, price categories and, of course, the possibilities for individual advertising imprinting, they cover almost all needs and make very individual coordination possible. On the other hand, we also produce bags as custom-made products, specially made for the wishes and demands of the customer. These custom made bags are unmistakable and shape the appearance of brands, companies and clubs in a unique way. On this page we explain how we realise custom-made promotional bags step by step - or feel free to contact the promotional bag team.
Group of promotional bags that you can have made as bags at Halfar

Custom made: it doesn't get any more individual than this

Special design at Halfar using the example of Lufthansa
In fact, with our custom-made bags, you can determine almost all the factors that make up a bag yourself - provided it is technically feasible. In the history of our company, we have already had the most interesting requests and have been able to realise some surprising bags: from bags in the shape of chip bags, to bags made from aircraft leather seats and airbags, to canopies for recumbent bikes and bags with integrated original vehicle lights. What do you have in mind? Just get in touch with us.

All this can be individually determined for your bag:

Choose from the classics from synthetic fibre to cotton in the desired quality to special functional fibres, recycled materials such as RPET from PET bottles or realise your individual recycled or upcycled bag from your own fabrics and sewable materials.

Choose a classic bag shape such as the messenger bag, backpack, writing case, laptop sleeve, shopper, insert bag, first aid bag or any other and feel free to transform it to your liking. Or you can have bags produced that are already individual in their basic shape, for example because they imitate the silhouette of your product or transport goods.

Of course, you can choose from all possible colours for the design of your bag as a custom-made product, which the materials offer. Of course, we also coordinate the colour individually with your corporate design.

Have bags made with choice of material, shape and colour using the example of an airbag
Have bags made with choice of ingredients, interior layout, finishing and number of pieces using the example of a LorryBag®

Zips, press studs, clasps, webbing, belt cuffs, adjustable buckles, carabiners, D-rings... made of metal or plastic... choose which accessories and details suit your bag or technical problem solution. We have a lot in stock and will be happy to choose the right one with you.

Interior layout
How many compartments does the bag need? What should be stored and how? Is there an organiser? A special compartment with a zip or RFID protection? Together we will discuss what the bag should do and how we will design the interior of your custom-made bag.

Would you like your bag to be printed with an advertising message or a special technical designation by embroidery or print? As experts in bags for printing, we will give your bag the right look or the right designation, whether it's a promotional bag with a logo or a technical bag.

Number of pieces
Finally, special designs are of course also a question of quantity. Especially small series can be realised by special production, but of course also large productions. In any case, we are happy to bring your ideas into series production with a custom-made product.

Step by step to a custom-made bag

You have decided on a custom-made bag - congratulations. Then you can expect an individual, unique final product. Here you can find out how we get there and what we at HALFAR® do to achieve this result efficiently and precisely together with you. Our process step by step:

  1. Consultation - which bag or fabric solution do you have in mind and what do you need?
  2. Conception - our bag makers develop the bag that suits you and your special requirements, from the outer shape to the material and interior design.
  3. Visualisation - with technical drawings and visuals we show you how your bag solution could look like.
  4. Prototyping - we build the prototypes for you, at our bag factory and sewing department in Bielefeld
  5. Coordination and optimisation - is everything perfect or are there still change requests? We optimise the prototype further
  6. Practical test - does the bag live up to its promise? Does it meet the requirements? Does it prove itself in practice or under real conditions? We put it through its paces.
  7. Realisation - If everything fits, we start realising the custom-made product.
  8. Series production - Your customised product goes into series production. We manage it for you, from production to logistics.

Sketch and tools for a custom-made product in the special bag sector

Almost like a custom-made product: Modular bags

Modular bags from Halfar as custom-made products
They are a bit like custom-made bags light - highly individual but still efficient and easy to produce: our modular bags. Choose from the modular bag system, from the basic shape to the colours and equipment details. With our LorryBag® tarpaulin bags, for example, you can choose from many variants and colours. Read here what makes our modular bags special, how the design of these bags works and what possibilities they offer.

Custom-made products from a sustainable company

Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts at HALFAR®. You decide on the materials, processing etc. for your custom-made product. One thing is certain: with HALFAR® as your partner, you can reduce your carbon footprint even with custom-made products. Because we avoid emissions where we can and have been on a sustainable path for a long time. As a company, we have been ClimatePartner certified since 2023 and we also offer our standard range of bags from stock in a CO2-compensated way. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or send us your enquiry about customised products.
Custom-made products from a climate-neutral company

If you have any questions about tailor made bags, the HALFAR® team will be happy to help!

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