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Every second counts, every move has to be right, every part has to be in its place: Emergency bags and rescue bags have to meet high demands. In every situation and in every operation, they must combine absolute reliability and functionality. That's why detailed and professional planning is the key for us at Halfar when it comes to designing and manufacturing new technical bags

As bag experts, we bring to the table in-depth knowledge and decades of experience - and this is especially true for emergency bags. After all, this type of bag was the first to be manufactured by our company. The founder Armin Halfar himself sat down at the sewing machine as a paramedic in 1986 and tailored a bag that would meet the high demands for rescue operations - and the Halfar story began.

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What distinguishes emergency bags and rescue bags

Whether they are used in the rescue service, in the military, by the police, whether as a small first aid bag or rescue backpack - emergency bags and rescue bags are united by the high demand for functionality. They do all that: 

  • Transport professional first aid and emergency equipment
  • Protect sensitive instruments and equipment such as medicines, syringes, cannulas, measuring instruments, bandaging material and make them safely transportable
  • Ensure quick access through appropriate openings, compartments and coordinated closures
  • Are easy to carry, put down, open and close, and are as ergonomic as possible, for comfort and mobility
  • Save valuable time in emergency situations through clear and practical organisation and partitioning, e.g. via inserts and special modules
  • Withstand the stresses of the road and weather thanks to robust, stable, hard-wearing and water-repellent material. Commonly used materials are truck tarpaulin, polyester, rubberised protective fabric, polyamide or Cordura®.
  • Meet high hygiene requirements, as they are easy to disinfect and clean.
  • Provide safety: in the case of rescue bags, signal colours and reflective tapes draw attention even in the dark and in poor visibility conditions; in the case of tactical bags for military use, camouflage prints provide protection.

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In 3 steps to your professional emergency bag

Always happy to help: Your Halfar Team technical bags
Do you have any questions? Wishes? Or can we get started straight away and you have an inquiry about a customised emergency bag? The team technical bags will be happy to advise you and be your sparring partner on the complete path to your bag solution. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call or write to us.

From military backpack to first aid bag

Several insert bags from different sectors such as automotive or special use

Rescue service, police, military, fire brigade, technical relief organisation: Emergency bags are versatile bag systems for a wide range of uses. They are used in different sectors and for different purposes, whether in medical rescue services, first aid, in the military or in authorities. 

Sometimes they are made for professional users, sometimes for laymen, sometimes the small pack size is essential, sometimes the high wearing comfort. That's why there are emergency bags both as shoulder bags with handles and shoulder straps and as backpacks. There are also many conceivable variants of emergency bags, from the large, comprehensive solution to the small zipped pouch - at Halfar we make them all. Depending on your needs, we design and manufacture a suitable bag solution for your individual application, e.g.:

  • First aid bags for the automotive industry 
  • Emergency bags for medical first aid for paramedics, emergency doctors, fire brigade, mountain rescue, sea rescue, Federal Agency for Technical Relief etc.
  • Emergency bags for the police and special forces
  • Medical backpacks, rescue backpacks and tactical backpacks for military and authorities

Why we make emergency bags individually to measure

Each of our technical bags is a custom-made product, made to measure, especially for the needs of the customer and his respective field of application. So we don't fall back on a standard range or bag stock, but e.g. on

  • individual elements
  • cuts 
  • functions
  • materials 

And above all on our decades of experience in the development and design of bags for rescue forces and emergency services. That's why we know that the requirements vary from customer to customer and from purpose to purpose and also evolve with technical developments, digitalisation, emergency vehicles and complete equipment.

3 good reasons for individual emergency bags:

  1. Where every second counts, a detailed and professionally planned bag is necessary.  
  2. Special applications need special bags, tailored to your requirements and technical specifications (e.g. layout of the bag, material, fastening options). 
  3. Individual bags bring brands to the fore: through individual finishing according to the corporate design, e.g. device bags with logo printing.

Emergency bag made to measure by Halfar

Why Halfar when it comes to emergency bags?

Halfar employees discussing a sample
  • Decades of experience in the construction of special bags  
  • Many well-known references from various industries, from automotive to medical technology. 
  • High quality, ensured via laboratories, tests and material tests. 
  • In-house development, sewing, prototype construction and finishing at our company site in Bielefeld 
  • Production of small runs and large series at long-standing partners in Europe or Asia 
  • Committed to sustainability - from recycled materials to family friendliness and logistics
  • And last but not least: Because we love bags, we work creatively, reliably and customer-oriented.

Find out more about what makes us the popular partner for technical and promotional bags in Germany at: That makes Halfar.


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about emergency bags and our short answers. Still having questions? 

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The areas of application and industries for which Halfar has already manufactured emergency bags are diverse. From first aid bags for the automotive industry to tactical backpacks for military - we have a wide range of experience in this field.
The production and delivery time depends on the scope of the project management, the complexity of the production of the order quantity, as well as the production location.
Depending on the complexity of the project, we offer emergency bags in small quantities - feel free to contact us to check the realisability of your project.
For more FAQs and more information about technical bags please see here.