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From handy cordless screwdrivers to extensive socket sets, from sensitive laser rangefinders to sharp-toothed saws: tool bags and tool cases are important for all kinds of hand tools and technical construction equipment. Sometimes they are a practical extra, sometimes indispensable as transport bags and protective bags. Because these bags protect tools and organise the contents with any tool accessories, consumables, cables and more. In this way, they keep everything together, make tools easily accessible and make work more efficient. Depending on the design, they also prevent damage from impacts, moisture and dirt. Especially in the dirty and dusty environment of a construction site, they protect the tools and create a safe, clean storage place.

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What we offer as a tool bag manufacturer

Halfar designs and manufactures customised tool bags and tool cases - and has been doing so since 1986. Our technical bags team will be happy to contribute its knowledge and experience in this field to your project. The following applies: Each tool bag is as individual as the tool itself. Basically, packaging for tools can be divided into different types such as:

  • Tool bag 
    With carrying options via shoulder strap and/or handle. Comfortable to carry and use.
  • Tool belt 
    For smaller tools such as screwdrivers, hammers and co. that craftsmen and women want to have quickly to hand.
  • Tool case
    Cases as textile solutions protect the tools inside with panels and foams, provide stability and create good storage options. A typical example is the case for a drill or cordless screwdriver.
  • Tool bag systems
    Where one fits to the other or inside another. Many different tools connect visually and practically with each other via corresponding packaging.

In 3 steps to your professional tool bag

Always happy to help: Your HALFAR® Team technical bags
Do you have any questions? Wishes? Or can we get started straight away and you have an inquiry about a customised tool bag? The team technical bags will be happy to advise you and be your sparring partner on the complete path to your bag solution. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call or write to us.

Why HALFAR® when it comes to tool bags?

  • Decades of experience in the construction of special bags 
  • Many well-known references from various industries, from automotive to medical technology 
  • High quality, ensured via laboratories, tests and material tests 
  • In-house development, sewing, prototype construction and finishing at our company site in Bielefeld 
  • Production of small runs and large series at long-standing partners in Europe or Asia 
  • HALFAR® is a ClimatePartner certified company and continues to reduce its CO2 footprint 
  • Committed to sustainability - from recycled materials to family friendliness and logistics 
  • And last but not least: Because we love bags, we work creatively, reliably and customer-oriented
Find out more about what makes us the popular partner for technical and promotional bags in Germany at: That makes Halfar.
Halfar employees discussing a sample

Branded bags for branded tools from HALFAR®

Simple tool bag for one pair of pliers

Good tools are a value in themselves and many large and traditional tool brands shape the market. A tool bag not only transports the tool itself, but also its brand quality and the image of the tool manufacturer. This is one reason why HALFAR® attaches particular importance to the design of tool bags and cases, in addition to functional aspects. If desired, they should correspond with the brand image, CI and CD of the company. Optionally, we refine the tool bags with a logo and a brand message as an advertising application. In this way, the tool bag carries the brand directly to the construction site, the factory floor or to its respective area of use to the users.

Individual tool bags - ideal for many industries

Whether high-quality tool bags or high-quality tool cases: custom-made special bags are important for many industries. Here are some industries for which we at Halfar have already manufactured bags: 
  • Automobile industry 
  • Electrical industry 
  • Construction industry 
  • Handicraft 
Are you in a different industry and looking for a customised tool bag, tool belt or similar? Of course we are happy to help you and look forward to your enquiry.

Tool bag with many tools as an example

Why custom-made tool bags?

Tool bag in the form of a folder filled with screwdrivers etc.
Tools are helpers and problem solvers for very special uses - and therefore very individual and different. In order to optimally meet the respective purpose and your requirements, we rely exclusively on custom-made tool bags for an optimally tailored textile solution. For this purpose, we select the material to fit exactly in a high quality and assemble the bag individually down to the last detail, e.g. via: 
  • Loops 
  • Straps
  • Compartments 
  • Slots 
  • Handles 
  • Closures 
  • Padding 
  • And much more


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about tool bags and our short answers. Still having questions?

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The areas of application and industries for which we have already manufactured tool bags are diverse: from functional tool belts for craftsmen to protective bags for sensitive equipment in the electrical industry - you supply the tool and the purpose and we supply the suitable textile solution. Talk to us!

The production and delivery time depends on the scope of the project management, the complexity of the production of the order quantity, as well as the production location.
Depending on the complexity of the project, we offer tool bags in small quantities - feel free to contact us to check the realisability of your project.
For more FAQs and more information about technical bags please see here.