Drawstring bag printing with logo and more

Drawstring bags: almost everyone (still) knows them from school sports. But the drawstring bag has grown up a long time ago and has become a real trend accessory and everyday companion. It is precisely its minimalism that makes it so appealing - and this is especially true for the drawstring bag for printing. As an advertising medium, it really comes into its own. On drawstring bags, the logo and the printed advertising message are clearly in the focus. This also makes them excellent event bags. Here in the HALFAR® shop you will find a large selection of drawstring bags or fabric bags to design yourself and lots of information about this appealing advertising medium.

What makes the drawstring bag a promotional bag?

Quite clearly: its advertising space. At HALFAR®, all bags are designed for their function as advertising material. This means that they have many of these characteristics:
  • Exposed surface for printing or embroidery
  • Easy to handle on printers and embroidery machines
  • Can be ordered in small and large quantities
  • Can be colour-coordinated with the customer's corporate design
  • Matches the style of the customer
Promotional bag presented as printed gym bag

Printing on fabric bags - this is how it's done

Fabric bag Shopping basketsbum bag print bag with screen printing
As diverse as the selection of drawstring bags and cloth bags is, so are the possibilities for advertising. Depending on the material of the fabric bag and the size of the printable area, different types of finishing can be implemented. Screen printing, transfer printing or embroidery are the most important techniques, but doming or labels are also possible on some models. Of course, the type of advertising depends on the desired effect. An embroidered logo looks very high-quality and classy, while a screen print can be very concise and goes well with the type of bag. We will be happy to advise you.

Nomen est omen: drawstring bags, cloth bags and much more

One bag, many names. What do you call these light, uncomplicated bags? A small selection of possibilities:
  • Drawstring bag
  • Cloth bag
  • Promotional bag
  • Gym bag
  • Jute bag
  • Cloth backpack
  • Drawstring backpack
  • Event bags 
  • Sports bag
There are certainly many other names for the type of bag that we at HALFAR® prefer to call a drawstring bag or drawstring bag. We prefer to call it a drawstring bag or a drawstring bag because it is precisely this drawstring that distinguishes it from a classic backpack. These straps or cords pull the bag closed and open like a sack and serve as shoulder straps for carrying. A mechanism that is as simple as it is brilliant.

Drawstring bags with logo: sustainable and simply beautiful

If you also attach great importance to sustainable bags, then drawstring bags from HALFAR® are the best choice for you. For one thing, the drawstring bags come from a ClimatePartner certified company and, as an ex-stock product, are also convincing because they are climate certification. This means that their CO2 balance is zero, as we reduce emissions as much as possible and compensate for unavoidable emissions. They also become a sustainable product for other reasons. Drawstring bags are lightweight and minimalist in design, so they save materials and ultimately weight, resources and energy - from manufacturing to transport. In addition, we attach great importance to a quality that gives pleasure for a longer time and can be used for a long time. And we offer drawstring bags made from recycled and organic materials. Look around our selection for our sustainable drawstring bags.

Customise your drawstring bag and order directly

What do you want your drawstring bag to look like? What functions should it have? Choose a model here in the HALFAR® bag shop that suits you or the brand you are advertising. To design the drawstring bag yourself, select the matching colours and finish the bag with an individual logo and/or text. As an advertising material retailer, you can then order the desired edition including finishing directly here in the shop - and look forward to the delivery of your sustainable bags from HALFAR ®. By the way: If you would like a unique, customised drawstring bag, we can also make that happen for you. With a custom-made design, we create your drawstring bag according to your ideas, from material to design. Ask the HALFAR® team. We are happy to be there for you when it comes to drawstring bags for printing.
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