Decoration - how logos are applied to the bag

As colourful as the selection of bags and backpacks at HALFAR® is, as diverse is the range of advertising applications. After all, it's the decoration that makes your bag a communicative promotional item or a personal premium. That's why we are pleased to be able to implement most techniques directly for you here in Bielefeld: This makes you flexible, keeps distances short and quality high. Our promotional bag team will be happy to advise you about our bags.

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Which advertising application suits me?

We are happy to offer you all the common textile finishing techniques - and new ones are added regularly. The right one for you depends on your bag, your advertising goals and, of course, your taste:  

Screen printing - the classic

Screen printing

Screen printing is the classic printing process. At HALFAR® it is the most frequently used printing process.

  • Very versatile for printing on a wide variety of materials and shapes 
  • The ink is printed onto the material with a rubber squeegee through a fine-mesh screen and then dried in a continuous dryer 
  • Screen prints are durable and exceptionally long-lasting

Transfer printing - from the carrier to the bag

With transfer printing, we apply your motif or logo to a special carrier material. We then transfer this in turn to the bag under the influence of heat.

  • Fine colour gradients and high-resolution motifs can be realised
  • Printed with GOTS certified colours
  • Special feature: also for bright neon colours, as well as metallic and reflective colours

Transfer printing

Embroidery has style - the high-quality finishing


Embroidery has a long tradition. For centuries, this technique has been used for finishing and has stood for richness and extravagance for just as long. Whereas embroidery used to be an artistic craft, today HALFAR® uses highly technical automatic embroidery machines.

  • Very durable and noble 
  • Recommended for felt, cotton, polyester, polyamid - not suitable for waterproof bags 
  • For motifs, customer logos, lettering or coats of arms 
  • Embroidery designs are defined in our embroidery machines by a so-called punch programme

Digital printing - for brilliant image motifs

With digital printing - also known as Direct Digital Printing (DDP) - a computer transfers the motif to a printing machine, which then prints it onto a special tarpaulin. This gives us great flexibility to print on almost all visible surfaces of your bag.

  • High-quality, individual prints directly on promotional bags 
  • Especially for photo motifs or motifs with fine colour gradients 
  • Coated with protective varnish to prevent flaking and fading 
  • Truck tarpaulin is perfect for digital printing 
  • Material is printed before sewing, therefore ideal for modular bags such as LorryBag®

Digital printing

Digital print labels - the flexible solution

Digital Print Label

If you want to realise particularly detailed motifs, this is often only possible before sewing a bag. The digital print label, however, offers flexibility: it can also be applied afterwards.

  • Also decorate after sewing 
  • For fine digital print motifs 
  • Embroidered onto the bag or sewn onto the strap as a finishing touch

Metal emblem - timeless look

Metal looks extremely stylish, characteristic and leaves lasting impressions.

  • Lasered or with doming 
  • For almost all materials 
  • Oval, rectangular, matt, glossy - and for HALFAR® Fast Lane and doming also square and round 
  • Finishing with individual names possible

Metal emblem

Doming - with 3D effect


Like a drop, the transparent resin layer lies here on the logo and provides the fascinating 3D effect.

  • Made on the basis of an adhesive film 
  • On loop tags or on metal emblems 
  • Very high-quality look 
  • Maximum flexibility 
  • Sufficiently water and UV resistant for many uses

Sublimation - brings steam into the decoration process

In this printing process, your motif is first printed with sublimation ink on a special paper and then vapourised into the carrier material using a press under high heat.

  • Soft touch, special print quality 
  • High colour brilliance 
  • Extremely UV and weather resistant 
  • Full-surface finishing of flaps on promotional bags, e.g. bags with detachable Velcro flaps specially designed for sublimation technology such as Mini FlapBag BASE


Laser engraving on felt - burns itself in

Laser engraving on felt

The concept of laser engraving is as effective as it is simple: we use lasers to burn individual motifs into felt materials.

  • Noble, memorable and with eternal value 
  • Very high quality 
  • Precision and sharp contours for a particularly exquisite character 
  • In different sizes

Embossing on PU imitation leather - elegant and discreet

The so-called blind embossing works without colour. In this oldest of the embossing processes, an embossing die presses motif and/or lettering onto the material.

  • For an elegant look, discreet but effective 
  • Ideal for marking and enhancing objects 
  • Especially for the finishing of PU imitation leather bags from HALFAR®

Embossing for PU imitation leather

HALFAR FAST LANE® - extra-fast, extra-individual


Using an energy-saving LED UV printer, we print your logo over the entire surface of a special carrier material. The print is very colour-intensive and the optional spot varnish finish gives it an extremely noble appearance.

  • Brilliant, pin-sharp printing in photo quality with low energy consumption
  • Fast drying, fast production times 
  • Surface of the substrate resembles satin-finish, high-quality paper
  • Durable, noble and extraordinary 
  • Partially finishable with spot varnish FRAME and STAGE series, as well as backpack SPACE 
  • Learn more in our flyer

Woven label - the trademark for your bag

We often sew woven labels into the bag seam. Like a small flag, they represent brands and logos.

  • The woven trademark for your bag 
  • Also for name tags on bags 
  • In different sizes, colours and qualities 
  • The ideal addition to two-dimensional refinement

Weave label

Rubber Badges - the individual plastic badge

Rubber Badges Plastic Badge

In this process, we make a shape out of your logo, which is later moulded into rubber. You can choose the colour of your plastic or rubber badge to match your corporate design or bag. We then sew the finished rubber badges onto your bag.

  • Plastic or rubber cast badges with your logo 
  • Very high quality
  • Suitable for all HALFAR® bags and backpacks
  • Extremely resistant

Still having questions?

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about decoration and if you don´t find your answer there, our team promotional bags will be happy to help. 

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In principle, every HALFAR® bag can be personalised and finished with a logo.
Please send us your desired logo for a more detailed inspection and assessment. We will then suggest a suitable and feasible finishing method. Contact us now!
Please send us your logo file as a vectorised file (.eps, .pdf or .ai). Depending on the quality of the logo, high-resolution image files may also be suitable for embroidery and digital printing - please do not hesitate to contact us!
Yes, embroidery or printing samples are generally also possible without a placed order. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
The delivery time for finished stock items is usually approx. 3-4 weeks after approval of the proof.
The position as well as the size of the finishing highly depends on the bag, the finishing technique and your logo. Please send us your desired logo for a closer look and assessment, then we will be pleased to check the possible size and position of your advertising message. Contact us now!
You can easily and conveniently download finishing sketches from the Downloadcenter on our homepage.
You are very welcome to send your order by e-mail to or directly to your responsible contact person