The Repair Service at Halfar


HALFAR® bags and backpacks should give you pleasure for a long time. That's why we make sure that the design, choice of materials and workmanship meet high quality standards. This is the best way to ensure that you will enjoy using HALFAR® products for a long time. For us, this is sustainability in the best sense. And should a mishap happen to you and your bag breaks during use or the guarantee has already expired, but the HALFAR® bag should remain a reliable companion for a long time to come, then we will take care of it with the HALFAR® Repair Service.

Here, our professionals do their best to extend the life cycle of the items and make them fit for use again. In this way, together with you, we conserve important resources and make a positive contribution to our environment. Because repairing is better than throwing away! 

By the way: We do not only repair HALFAR® bags, but also those of other manufacturers, as far as it is technically possible for us. 

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Preserving what is good – bag solutions taken further

Halfar employees at a sewing machine

We love bags and we are bursting with ideas for ever new "wearable" solutions. We think sustainability right from the conception stage. Whether it's planning, design, production, decoration and logistics – we have the whole process in mind. But for us, responsibility does not end with delivery. After all, we want our articles to become your favourite bags and they should accompany you in your everyday life for as long as possible. That is what we are committed to with our know-how. 

The sewing machines have been running at HALFAR® since 1986. We are bag makers from the ground up. We are very familiar with the development and production of bags - and can therefore also carry out repairs expertly. 

Whether it's a defective backpack strap or a broken snap hook, our Repair Service staff will find a solution. We have various spare parts and materials for bags in stock. But above all, we have the necessary expertise to make your item fit again.

Preserving good – this is how it works

In 5 steps to a repaired bag

You would like to use the HALFAR® Repair Service? It only takes a few steps to reach your goal.

  • Step 1 Fill in our online form. Please send detailed photos of the damage. Is it a HALFAR® bag? If so, please also send us a photo of the inner label. 
  • Step 2 We will estimate the possibilities and the price for the repair and contact you. 
  • Step 3 Price ok? Then send us the cleaned article. 
  • Step 4 We check your item and repair it – if this is not possible, we will contact you. We will then make you an offer for a replacement item or for the return. If you wish, we can also dispose of the item properly. 
  • Step 5 Your item is finished and ready for further use! We send it back to you.

Have fun with it!

The 5 steps of the Repair Service by Halfar

There's no such thing as can't.

If possible, we would like to repair all bags and backpacks – that's why we take our time and first assess the damage together with your description of the damage and your photos. Is it feasible? Is the repair effort in proportion or is there another solution? We will be happy to advise you!

Please note:

  • We will only determine the final price for the chargeable repair after careful examination of the damage by our expert staff to determine the final price. 
  • Prices for repairs depend on the effort and the construction of the respective item. Therefore, you will first receive a cost estimate. 
  • If you agree to this, send in your emptied, cleaned article. Dirty items will not be repaired. 
  • Our professionals do their best to return the products to their original shape as best as possible. Sometimes we are only able to repair with similar materials. 
  • Finishes as well as advertising attachments are excluded from repair.