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Professional, safe and comfortable from A to B

Our world is mobile. People are on the move around the globe, commuting daily from A to B and with them technical devices and sensitive products. To transport these, adequate packaging is needed. Our Special Bags team at HALFAR® has been dealing with this issue since 1986. As a manufacturer of transport bags, we have created customised equipment bags and protective bags for many different applications and industries. Find out more here about how we develop professional textile solutions with and for our customers and why we are certainly the right partner for your project.

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What a custom-made transport bag does

A customised transport bag with many compartments for tidy transport

  • Facilitates the handling of devices, objects 
  • Ensures uncomplicated, comfortable transport 
  • Protects fragile and sensitive products that have to be transported frequently
  • Organises and arranges the contents through optimised storage space 
  • Represents brands through CI/CD-compliant design and customised advertising

In 3 steps to your professional transport bag

Always happy to help: Your HALFAR® Team technical bags
Do you have any questions? Wishes? Or can we get started straight away and you have an inquiry about a customised transport bag? The team technical bags will be happy to advise you and be your sparring partner on the complete path to your bag solution. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call or write to us.

Why HALFAR® when it comes to transport bags?

  • Decades of experience in the construction of special bags 
  • Many well-known references from various industries, from automotive to medical technology. 
  • High quality, ensured via laboratories, tests and material tests. 
  • In-house development, sewing, prototype construction and finishing at our company site in Bielefeld 
  • Production of small runs and large series at long-standing partners in Europe or Asia 
  • HALFAR® is a ClimatePartner certified company and continues to reduce its CO2 footprint. 
  • Committed to sustainability - from recycled materials to family friendliness and logistics 
  • And last but not least: Because we love bags, we work creatively, reliably and customer-oriented. 
Find out more about what makes us the popular partner for technical and promotional bags in Germany at: That makes Halfar.

Transport bags that can do more

Example custom-made bag for transport with lid and partitions

Of course, transport and protection are the main disciplines of transport bags and the minimum requirements for this type of bag. But from case to case, transport bags can do much more: 

  • With extra compartments and their own internal organisation, they can become a long-term, comprehensive storage solution for equipment and its accessories. 
  • Or they offer ideal conditions for storage between transports through special suspensions, special stability and individual labelling. 
  • Sometimes packaging for transport also becomes an integral part of a product, for example when it plays a role in the assembly.
  •  A sample case or presentation case, for example, also takes on a special role. 
Here, the transport packaging itself becomes a product. If you also have specific requirements that go beyond pure transport, please contact us. Together we will develop your individual textile solution.

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From transport trolley to custom-made presentation case

Transport bags are used in almost all industries and in every conceivable shape and format.

Examples of bag types:

  • Transport trolleys or rolling bags facilitate the transport of heavy, bulky and large equipment and objects. 
  • Quivers transport and protect sensitive equipment such as camera lenses or, as drawing roll quivers, protect sheets of paper from creasing and folding. 
  • Transport backpacks take loads piggyback and give the person carrying them a high degree of freedom of movement 
  • Carrying systems are custom-made for special applications, distribute loads ergonomically and often integrate the goods to be transported in a sensible way, e.g. GPS carrying systems. Carrying cases provide optimum protection for their contents and have simple carrying options or can be integrated into other types of packaging. 
  • Presentation cases and sample cases are packaging and product in one

Examples of sectors and uses:

  • Trade fairs and exhibitions, e.g. transport bags for roll-ups and exhibition stands 
  • Medical technology, e.g. bags for rescue teams and trolleys for oxygen cylinders 
  • Military, e.g. transport backpacks 
  • Automobile industry, e.g. transport bags for warning triangles 
  • Electrical industry, e.g. transport bags for measuring instruments 
  • Furniture industry, e.g. carrying systems for furniture transport or covers for garden or camping furniture

Bags made to measure in the form of filled transport trolleys

Quality tailor-made thanks to individual transport bags

Individual transport cover with handle

At HALFAR® we always make custom-made transport bags. We do not offer off-the-rack solutions. And there is a simple reason for this: every application has its own special requirements. Only with an individually developed bag can an optimal transport solution be implemented. We design and process specifically for our customers' purposes. In this way, we ensure that your transport bag really is a perfect fit and has the right quality for the application. It can prevent expensive transport damage caused by: 

  • Knocks, 
  • Scratches, 
  • Moisture and 
  • Dirt. 
It can help organise accessories, optimise storage space and contribute to comfortable transport. Particularly important are:

  • Selected, hard-wearing materials, such as Cordura®
  • Sturdy seams and fasteners, 
  • Additional padding if necessary, 
  • Loops for accessories, 
  • Extra handles, 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and much more.

Getting transport bags made - your answers matter

Before we manufacture your individual transport bag, we clarify all the important criteria. Here are some of the questions we clarify with you before development: 
  • What are the dimensions and weight of the protective contents to be transported? 
  • How many components in which configuration must fit into the bag? 
  • How and under what circumstances is the bag to be used? 
  • What material do you have in mind - are there certain specifications, restrictions?
  • Is special padding or impact and edge protection necessary?
Halfar employees discussing a sample


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about transport bags and our short answers. Still having questions?

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From covers for warning triangles to transport bags for roll ups and exhibition stands, to transport bags for emergency services and medical equipment - our experience is braod! More about our references.

The production and delivery time depends on the scope of the project management, the complexity of the production of the order quantity, as well as the production location.

Depending on the complexity of the project, we offer transport bags in small quantities - feel free to contact us to check the realisability of your project.

For more FAQs and more information about technical bags please see here.