Printable bum bags - the trendy accessories

Cash, mobile phone, keys, chewing gum: there's room for all your everyday essentials in bum bags. With this handy bag for your belt or hip, everything is within easy reach. A good reason for bum bags - and there are many more. Bum bags are ideal promotional products. They advertise brands and products in a simple and casual way. The target group for these bags is large. For one person, the bum bag is a companion for sports tours by bike, on foot, on a skateboard or on skis, for another it is mainly taken to events, shopping or on trips. Many people love their bum bag not only because it is practical. It is also a fashionable accessory for trendsetters that is worth a look.

Printing a bum bag is easy

HALFAR® makes printing on bum bags easy. Because all our bags are specially made for advertising. This means they offer an advertising space that can accommodate logos and messages and act as a stage for your advertising. Select the bum bags for printing from our large selection and decide in a second step how you want your logo to appear on your bag. There are several options, depending on the bag model and material. From multicolour image printing to a printed label to embroidery, many things are possible. We are happy to advise you.
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How to customise your bum bag

The selection and design options for bum bags are huge. So, before you customise your bum bag, it's best to ask yourself these questions:

  • Which colour suits you and the company, club or brand your bum bag is supposed to promote? 
  • What style: sporty, elegant, trendy? 
  • What functions should it have and how many compartments are practical? 
  • What do you think your target group will like the most? 
  • What is your budget?

If you want to design your own bum bag, you can choose from the large selection of storage bags from HALFAR®. With a customised print, your bag will be unique. You want a special bag that nobody else has? Then we also offer you customised bum bags as a special design. We develop your bum bag individually in terms of shape, colour, material and advertising.

Bum bags with your logo as brand ambassadors.

Bum bags carry your advertising message with them wherever they go. Hardly any other bag is as much in the spotlight in everyday life as the bum bag: people are constantly picking it up to take a quick look at their smartphone or to take out their keys and wallet. And every time they do, they are in the field of vision of the wearer and their entire environment. Even when worn casually over the shoulder, bum bags occupy a box seat in terms of attention. So, there are good reasons to use this space to print logos on bum bags and use them as brand ambassadors.

What's what: Bum bag, hip bag, belt bag printed...

Customize fanny packs

What are they called, these small practical bags that can be strapped on? There are various terms and possibilities:

  • Bum bags 
  • Hip bags 
  • Belt bags 
  • Fanny packs 
  • Cross bags 
  • Body bags

At HALFAR® we prefer to talk about bum bags - the bags that you strap around your stomach. This type of bag is also referred to as a hip bag or bum bag. However, very few bum bags or belt bags are used in this way. Today, "crossbag" is in - for this, the belt bags are simply casually placed over the head and around one shoulder and worn crosswise in front of the chest or on the back.

Bum bags and belt bags to print and to order.

Whether it is for sport, leisure or business, as a premium or trade fair bag: here in the HALFAR® bag shop you will find a large selection of bum bags and many options for customisation. By the way, all bags in stock at HALFAR® are produced in a climate-conscious way and count as sustainable bags for many other reasons - whether because of their material, their longevity or other aspects that we value as a company. The HALFAR® team will be happy to advise you if you would like to have bum bags printed.
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