Upcycling bags

Upcycling bags from used materials

Recycling, upcycling... what is actually what? Both methods reuse materials again or further. Upcycling is something like the royal class: because here materials are not simply recycled, but a higher-quality product is created - an upgrade, so to speak. It's the same with our upcycling bags made of used materials or (leftover) materials that were originally intended for something else. So we make bags from truck tarpaulins, coffee sacks, car belts, bicycle tires, AirBags... and many other things that you as our customer supply or that the market has ready for sewing. Many creative and unique bags have already been made at HALFAR®, for example these HAPTICA® live messenger bags:

Upcycling bags made from used materials such as HAPTICA trade fair banners

Bags made from truck tarpaulin

They were some of the first upcycling bags ever, when the concept and trend of upcycling and sustainability didn't really exist. For example, HALFAR® has been making bags out of truck tarpaulin for decades, both from new tarpaulin like the LorryBag® and from individual customer stock.

Bags made from coffee sack bags

This material has history and often hundreds of nautical miles behind it... coffee sacks are very popular for upcycling projects. With upcycling bags made from coffee sacks, we give the printed jute material special attention. For example, they can serve as a flap for a messenger bag or be made into other bags or bag parts.
Bags from coffee bags

Bags made from car belts

Bags from car belts
Car belts are made of very high quality material and have a special, technical look. They are also great to use for an upcycling bag. Of course, as a handle for shopper and co, as a strap for a backpack or, or, or ... let your imagination run wild.

Upcycling bags as tailor-made or from the bag construction kit

How should your upcycling bag from customer material look like? Get inspired by our large assortment of promotional bags. Our bag construction kit offers many possibilities of an implementation according to existing cuts and models. In addition, we also produce these bags from customer material as completely individual customized special designs.

Sketch and tools for a custom-made product in the special bag sector

Upcycling, beautifully sustainable

Upcycling bags from used materials

In addition to their uniqueness, upcycled bags always stand for sustainability - one reason why we love the idea of upcycling so much at HALFAR®. After all, we use materials for the bags that would otherwise have ended up in the trash or in a use that wouldn't quite do justice to the value and usefulness of the material. By upcycling, we bring value to raw materials and supplies. And of course, we're also saving valuable resources because these bags require no or significantly fewer new materials to be produced.

Your individual upcycling bag: this is how it's done

Nothing is as authentic as a promotional bag made from your own material. Here's how your upcycling project with HALFAR® works:

  1. your material
    Provide us with new or used materials, such as tarpaulins, sails, advertising banners, carpets, jute sacks, curtains, upholstery, clothing, material from production, your own fasteners, straps and much more. 
  2. we check
    Our team will check if it is suitable to make an upcycling bag from it.
  3. alternatives wanted?
    You don't have your own material available at the moment? No problem! Our standard assortment offers you a wide range of recycled bags. These are promotional bags made from or with recycled materials. From recycled plastic bottles to pre-recycled cotton made from cutting scraps, from felt shoppers made from recycled material to notebook backpacks made in Europe - there is a suitable recycled model for every target group.
  4. consultation and design
    What should your upcycling bag look like? What is the best way to show off the material and what is technically possible with it? Basically, your used material can be used for the production of the complete bag body as well as for selected bag parts such as the flap or for decorative, unusual details. We advise you and design sketches, visuals and a prototype at our premises in Bielefeld.
  5. ready!
    Depending on the size of the print run and the type of bag, we manufacture your bag in Germany, Europe or at one of our global partners. In any case, we handle everything for you - right up to shipping. 

If you have any questions about upcycling bags, our HALFAR® promotional bag team will be happy to help

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