Printing on backpacks for children - the greatest for the little ones

Backpacks accompany the little ones on the greatest adventures of their lives: to kindergarten, to the playground, to school, to the sports field, to grandma and grandpa, to their first sleepover with their best friend... Therefore, printing children's backpacks means giving them a suitable companion for all these adventures. Of course, the practical functions of children's backpacks should be matched to the everyday life of the little ones - more on this in the following. But equally important for children are backpacks that they can identify with. With printed children's backpacks, you have every opportunity to turn a practical bag into a cherished companion with its own face and character.

Promotional items for children: The bag tip

What do children need in their daily lives? A lot - and they like to carry a lot with them when they are out and about. From cuddly toys to biscuits, from water bottles to plasters and from caps to folders: everything has to come with them. Small bags are perfect for this, and children's backpacks are simply ideal. And this practical benefit is just one of the points that make backpacks a very suitable promotional item for children. 
All this speaks in favour of printable children's backpacks:
  • Children need a bag
    ... for everything they need to carry with them 
  • Children use bags every day - and for many years
    ... for playing, for kindergarten, school, sports club and more 
  • Children's backpacks are particularly practical
    ... because they are easy to carry and ergonomically designed for the little ones. 
  • Printed children's backpacks create identification
    A child-friendly print with a logo appeals to the little ones and quickly turns a commodity into a favourite item.
All this makes printing on these little backpacks particularly valuable and ensures that a children's backpack becomes a promising promotional item.

Personalise children's backpacks with logo and more

Children's backpacks that are suitable as promotional items offer you a printable area for advertising. Here you can design the bag yourself. Various techniques are available: from screen printing and transfer printing to specially printed labels and domings and high-quality embroidery designs. In addition to logos, two-dimensional photo prints are also possible in some cases - depending on the bag model and material. How you design the children's backpacks yourself depends on your own ideas. In general, many things are possible. Also because of this versatility, children's backpacks for printing are used by many customers, for instance like this: 
  • Schools and kindergartens
    print children's backpacks with their logos and sell or raffle them as part of school festivals, fundraising campaigns, etc.
  • Sports clubs and other leisure clubs
    use children's backpacks as merchandising for fans and members and as equipment for sports or other club activities. 
  • Businesses
    from many sectors such as media, toys, tourism, leisure use children's backpacks as premiums for small customers or as promotional items
  • City marketing and tourism
    have children's backpacks for their little visitors and customers in their programme

Small backpacks as promotional items

Small backpacks and small bags like folders and sleeves are of course not only an interesting promotional item for children. Those who like it a little more minimalistic are also enthusiastic about these formats. Whether they prefer them because of their body size or because the small backpacks are simply better in terms of fit. Be it that they simply find the compact bags more handy, lighter and more practical and use them like a handbag for their wallet, mobile phone and co. Or it could be that the mini formats are a fashionable eye-catcher. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: small backpacks, gym bags and bags as promotional items score points with many target groups and industries. 
At HALFAR® you will find a large selection of small bags. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them and tell you more about the topic of printing children's backpacks.