Module bags - put together your own bags now

Assemble bags yourself using the example of LorryBag® Original 2
The recipe for distinctive bags is quite simple. Take: a selection of bag shapes, bodies, bag flaps, straps, "interior fittings" and, of course, different colours and materials... ready is the modular system in which you can design your own bags. The result is a module bag that is almost as individual as a tailor-made bag - but a little simpler and more concentrated in its realisation. One thing is certain: with these creations, you get bags that are partly or even completely made in Europe - for high quality and short distances. Read here how the principle of module bags works at HALFAR® and how you can configure your bags and put them together yourself.

Customisable bags - seven steps to your own creation

Design your own individual bag. It's easy - in just 7 steps. By the way, at HALFAR® we are open to your ideas to further process your own material or the customer's material into a bag. Whether a shoulder bag made of faux fur or a writing case with felt - whatever you like is allowed. If you have any questions or are interested, please contact us. We look forward to designing your bag with you. 
Step 1: Select a bag shape
Whether classic messenger bag, smaller format, writing case or sleeve: in our construction kit you will find various bag shapes to choose from.
Step 2: Select the body material of the bag
The classic module bags are our FlapBag® and the LorryBag® tarpaulin bags. Please feel free to ask us about other options for modular bags and the body material.
Step 3: Choose the colour of the body
What colour would you like? With the LorryBag® tarpaulin bag, for example, the choice is almost as colourful as the rainbow. And other module bags also offer plenty of freedom to design your own.
Step 4: Choose the cover material
With the LorryBag® Original 1 model, for example, you have the choice between different materials for the flap - or you can use completely different, even your own materials here or for other modular bags, keyword upcycling.
Step 5: Choose the colour of the bag flap
Depending on the material, you can choose from a wide range of colours - for example, a flap made of truck tarpaulin allows you to choose from a variety of colours.
Step 6: Choose the type of decoration
Full-surface motif printing, a printed logo, an embroidery motif... depending on the material and the type of bag, you can choose the type of decoration that suits your bag and your advertising objective.
Step 7: Extras for your bag 
What else do you have in mind for your bag? A laptop inlay, shipping in a gift box? Talk to the HALFAR® team. We like to make bag dreams come true.
Customizable bags with promotional digital printing

Configure bags - let's go

Configure the module bags with embroidery
Take the freedom to put together bags individually. Thanks to the module bags at HALFAR®, this is very easy and you can choose from various bag models. These bags designed by you are currently not available for order in the HALFAR® shop - we will put them together for you in Europe at your request and according to your ideas. If you are interested in these individualised bags, please contact us. Together we will put the ideas for your module bags into practice.