Sports backpacks as printed promotional products

Sports and backpacks. Two that belong together like foot and ball. After all, there are hardly any bags that are as sporty as backpacks. They make it easy to strap almost anything onto your back, leaving your hands free for whatever comes your way - whether you're running, cycling, climbing, playing ball... At the same time, thanks to sophisticated carrying systems and optimally coordinated sizes and functions, shouldering your equipment with these sports bags remains comfortable. Did you know that there are also many other good reasons for printing sports backpacks as promotional products? You can read more about them here.

Printing sports backpacks - which types are available?

You are planning to print a logo on sports backpacks - then you have the choice between the most diverse types of backpacks for the most diverse occasions and sports. We briefly present the most important ones:
Sports backpack print with logo

1. Printing hiking backpacks

The classic sports backpack is the one and only: backpacks have always been a faithful companion for hikers. While in the days of Luis Trenker they were simple bags with drawstrings and straps, today they are specialists with many functions and features - depending on your wishes. Whether with carrying loops for hiking poles, integrated hydration bladder, whether as a super-light daypack or a generous model with more volume: If you want to print hiking backpacks, you will find the right model here at HALFAR®.

2. Customise your own trekking backpacks 

Trekking is hiking over several days with various stops in between - at least that is our definition of this sport. This means that self-designed trekking backpacks are an advertising medium with a surface for decoration. For the sportswoman and sportsman, on the other hand, the pack size is of course decisive, because for a trekking tour, sleeping bag and co. may also be included - but in any case, more provisions and luggage. In addition, the carrying system should promise reliable ventilation and a high level of comfort overall, with adjustable hip and chest straps and ample padding. If you want to design your own trekking backpacks, we offer different colours, shapes and of course various techniques for customised advertising.

3. Outdoor backpacks with logo

Many sports backpacks are also outdoor backpacks, because they are resistant to wind and weather and can be used for any trip. Some of these backpacks and outdoor bags are even made of materials that are especially protected against splashing water or they come with their own rain cover. In any case, the good thing about outdoor backpacks with logos is that they literally take advertising messages outside. Whether on the back of a walker, cyclist, canoeist, skater, skier, hiker or ... thankfully, the selection of sports backpacks is almost as colourful as the sports themselves.

Simply unique: sports backpacks as custom-made products

We are sure that with this wide selection of HALFAR® sports backpacks, you will be impressed. For special ideas and a truly unique appearance, we also offer the possibility of developing custom-made sports backpacks. Talk to us about your wishes - the sports and backpack enthusiastic HALFAR® team is looking forward to designing your very own sports backpacks for printing with you.