Laptop backpacks for printing

Whether with laptop, notebook or tablet - the office simply comes with you. Because work is becoming increasingly mobile. What you need to transport the devices safely and beautifully from A to B is a suitable bag. Laptop backpacks for printing are made for this. And for many reasons. For one thing, as backpacks they are born carriers per se. They keep your hands free on foot, on the bike, at the station, in the airport and even in long office corridors. Perfect for carrying a suitcase or simply a cup of coffee. Backpacks also make sporty tours possible, are comfortable to shoulder and distribute the weight optimally. If you want to use a laptop backpack as a promotional item, it should be able to do more than a standard backpack. You can find out here what you should look out for so that your laptop backpacks can score points as promotional products and what makes laptop backpacks for printing so attractive.

Laptop backpacks with logo look better

Football players wear their number and club on their back. Customers and employees, your trademark - assuming you have your logo printed on a laptop backpack. This means you are using a mobile advertising space that gets around a lot. After all, well-made and well-designed laptop backpacks are used a lot. But what should laptop backpacks have in order to become good promotional items? A basic requirement is, of course, a printable surface with space for logos and advertising messages. Laptop backpacks can be easily printed, embroidered or otherwise refined on this surface. The size and placement of this area is decided by the model. Some backpacks even have more than one surface for advertising. The type of finishing you choose depends on the material and the possibilities of the laptop backpack in terms of technology and design.

Notebook backpacks as promotional items - 5 classic uses

When do you use notebook backpacks or laptop backpakcs for ptinting with a logo? And why? Here are five typical scenarios:

  1. As employee gifts and equipment, notebook backpacks strengthen identification with the company, create a uniform appearance, become a recognition feature and positively combine private life and work.
  2. As rewards for customers or employees, high-quality laptop backpacks express appreciation. They are a reward and motivation at the same time.
  3. For conferences, seminars or congresses, notebook backpacks create positive memories of the event, are practical helpers and the sympathy factor for the event.
  4. In merchandising, laptop backpacks convey the brand character, turn people into fans through advertising and transport the brand into private life.
  5. For events and sponsoring, notebook backpacks offer plenty of space for documents and sponsor advertising - and have an impact far beyond the specific event.

Promotional laptop backpacks from bag specialist HALFAR®

Almost everyone who has a mobile technical device also has a corresponding bag for it. The target group for these backpacks with logos is therefore large, as laptops and other devices are very popular. More than three quarters of households with a computer have already opted for a mobile device - and the trend is rising. That's why you'll also find a large selection of matching laptop backpacks, laptop bags or folders and covers in our range. There are many colours, designs and materials for small and large budgets and editions to choose from. We will be happy to advise you on which bag shape is best suited to you and your purposes.