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Flame-retardant bags and backpacks

When your bag needs to meet safety standards

Bags and backpacks are often used in areas that require particular safety conditions. Various directives, laws and regulations apply depending on the location and purpose of use. In addition, the bag is often so inextricably linked with its content and usage location that requirements need to be taken into account that one would not immediately think of in relation to a bag. The bags we design especially for customer requests are used in industry, production, automobiles and automotive construction, as well as by specialist emergency services, for example. All these fields are subject to their own laws and standards, including for the specialist bags used.

Flame-retardant bags

One of these special requirements relates to flame-retardant and anti-firing materials, for example. Specifically, this means that, once removed from the source of ignition, the material must be extinguished in a minimum of time, i.e. cannot continue to burn. Materials with these properties are often used in automotive construction. Laws and standards concerned with the safety relevance of products apply here to all components used within the car, including the first aid bag in the boot.

Experience with standards and laws

HALFAR® is familiar with these requirements. We have focused on the conception and production of specialist bags, including those with flame-retardant properties, for over 30 years. We are familiar with the latest regulations and can draw on a wide range of experience from various sectors. There is good reason why we have been a leading provider of specialist bags for so many years.

Whatever special requirements are placed on a bag, HALFAR® takes on the challenge with the greatest of professionalism. Starting with analysing the usage location and the devices to be packaged, an experienced team works closely with the customer to develop all the necessary steps towards conceptualising the individual specialist bag. For example, we also support the customer is constructing a prototype or implementing the corporate design on the bags and backpacks. Needless to say, we also take care of series production, conducted with selected partners in Eastern Europe or Asia or at our own facility in Bielefeld.

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