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Splash-protected bags and backpacks

Dry on the inside when it is wet outside

Dampness, drizzle and droplets are nothing to a splash-protected bag. Ideal for use outdoors or under particular conditions where the influence of wind, weather and water cannot be ruled out – be it on construction sites or emergency deployments.

Made to measure for your use

HALFAR® has more than 30 years of experience in producing individually-conceptualised, made-to-measure bags. Our specialist bags are valued and used in many different sectors and fields of use. After all, we concentrate not only on the design of the bag, but deal very intensively with the individual wishes of our customers for their special requirements. The obvious bag functions such as packaging, transporting and organising are often joined by others. Many customers are looking for a solution that provides optimum protection for their products and equipment against difficult working and usage conditions – especially where they are used in situations that could cause damage.

Protection against splashing water for sensitive technology or content

One possible source of damage to sensitive devices and equipment in need of protection is water. Electrical or medical technology devices in particular are often sensitive to moisture and shaking, which can disrupt their sometimes life-saving functions. They need to be secured with padding and protected against any water splashes. At HALFAR®, we provide this splash protection through individual cut development, careful selection of the suitable material and all components such as fastenings etc., and high-quality processing.

Professionalism from analysis to production

There is a lot to think about in a made-to-measure bag. With our tried-and-tested project management, we make sure that we achieve your goal effectively. From analysing the situation to developing the design and product, we set great store by defining possible hazard situations for your product. Only then can we focus on the construction, material selection and processing of the made-to-measure product.

Once the analysis is completed and any framework conditions such as budget requests, usage schedule and quantity have been clarified, we can begin producing your individual special bag. We provide visualisations to give you a first impression of how the design of your bag will look later. If the bag is to be produced in line with a corporate design, we take this into account at this stage. If the drawings meet your expectations, we get on with constructing functional samples early on. These make the idea tangible and reassure us and you that we are on the right track. It is an opportunity to check the benefits and design once again and optimise them where necessary.

From prototype to production

Once the prototypes are approved, it is on to production. Depending on the quantity and complexity, we produce individual functional bags and backpacks together with experienced, long-standing partners in Eastern Europe or China. HALFAR® is one of Europe’s leading companies when it comes to quality and its products comply with all laws and standards relevant for your made-to-measure bag. Please inform us in good time if you have any special requests that go beyond the statutory framework, such as regarding chemical ingredients. As well as the quality of the end product, the social working conditions in the manufacturing countries are also very important to HALFAR® – just one of the reasons why we have been a committed member of amfori BSCI for some years now.

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