Bags with sublimation printing

Soft touch, brilliant print quality

Sublimation printing professionally completes the impressive range of decoration techniques for promo bags from HALFAR®. Customers interested in all-over prints tend to choose a bag from the European production collection, as they offer the opportunity to decorate the bag flap from one edge to the other – as long as the bags are printed before being sewn. In contrast, all bags intended for sublimation printing are equipped with a removable flap. This allows the customer and printer to simply release the Velcro and remove the flap. The flap is just as easy to reattach in seconds. The best possible strength is guaranteed.

Sublimation printing on bags as an alternative to digital printing or digitally printed labels

In the past, customers who had chosen premium-quality image printing could choose between digital printing, digitally printed labels and digital transfer printing. Digital printing was the only option for applying all-over print across the entire flap – until now. Sublimation printing is now a real alternative. Attaching with Velcro eliminates the need for sewing. Sublimation printing is also a very cost-effective alternative. The result is clear. Comparable bags with sublimation printing in our range are better value.

Special polyester as a base material for sublimation printing

The technical requirements of sublimation printing make a special polyester material the essential choice for the base. Halfar provides its own bags for this indirect printing process. The parts to be printed can be removed for easier processing. When unprinted, the material is white and not an attractive choice for use. The material has a very fine surface that is pleasant to the touch.

Differentiating sublimation printing from digital printing

  • Point 1: Appearance. Apart from the technology, the appearance is the main difference. While digital printing reproduces an image pin sharp and with brilliant colours, sublimation printing has a matter, softer and more subtle appearance. The high-gloss coating at the end of the digital printing process underscores the brilliance of the print, while sublimation printing appears matter due to the material and technical constraints, but undoubtedly also has its charm.
  • Point 2: Printing edge to edge. A clear advantage of sublimation printing by Halfar is that the bags in question have no need for border tape, so printing without edges is possible. Border tape is still used in digital printing, as it protects the material and the print.
  • Point 3: Price. In terms of price, sublimation printing offers clear advantages. When it comes to shelf life, digital printing on truck tarpaulin comes out on top. The print will usually last and maintain its brilliance for longer. Sublimation printing, on the other hand, has a more vintage look from the start, with all the attractive benefits this brings. In the end, it is personal taste or the concept of the advertising campaign that decides.

Sublimation printing. The process.

Sublimation printing is an indirect printing process from the transfer printing family. The dye needed is first printed onto a backing paper using a special printing process. The paper is cut to the required size before transfer. As in conventional transfer printing, the backing material is placed mirror-inverted onto the sublimation polyester and is transferred to the material to be printed using a transfer press and a great deal of heat. Experts call this “steaming” the dye into the material to be printed. The high temperature and pressure mean that a special polyester material, which is usually white before printing, is needed.

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