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Concept, design, development, production

The story of HALFAR® began in 1986, when Armin Halfar started producing his first individual bags. Starting as a single company in limited space, the goal was to design deployment, emergency and rescue bags in a more professional and user-friendly way. Success came quickly. Many businesses who needed individual bags commissioned the eastern Westphalia-based company to design and produce special bags that could not be bought off the peg. Since then, the company has remained true to its principles of high product quality, the best possible application and attentive customer service. With more than 100 staff at its site in Bielefeld, the company drafts, designs and conceptualises individual bags for professional requirements and printed advertising bags for promotion and merchandising. The company's infrastructure includes warehouse capacity of up to 10,000 pallet bays, its own production facilities for prototypes and samples, its own design department and an almost complete portfolio of decoration techniques that can be provided in house. Alongside classic screen printing, embroidery and digital printing, this also includes sublimation printing, laser engraving, doming and transfer printing.

Your individual bag for a special use

The HALFAR® era began with the individual development and production of deployment bags. Armin Halfar knew that special bags were only ever as good as the individual consultation on what the bags are for. He thus used even better materials to design and rework many individual bags. Today, the company provides comprehensive project management for all customers with special requirements. This project management takes every relevant aspect into account, from the purpose, definition, use and materials to be transported to the look, CI and budget. The initial prototypes are created in a department especially designed for this role.

Emergency bags, rescue bags, deployment bags, on call bags

One use, many names. Professional product development is especially important for these bags. After all, these bags can save lives! As well as the various statutory constraints and immaculate quality, one this is absolutely vital: the bags must be extremely easy to use, with every item in its place and immediately at hand. Be it device bags for special uses or deployment bags for rescue crews, HALFAR® has been a partner to the emergency services for many years.

Custom bags with special properties

Many individual custom bags need special product properties. These properties can range from easy cleaning to low emissions in the materials to be used. Examples include splash resistance, disinfectability, flame resistance and anti-static. If you have particular requirements, please consider whether they are technically feasible!

More individual bags and products from HALFAR®

Thanks to HALFAR®'s expertise in design and production, a huge number of products have grown up over the years. As well as device, transport and deployment bags, these also include all kinds of covers, folders, special tool bags and even straps and strap systems. If you have any special requirements, just ask!

The world of individual promotional bags

Since the late 1990s, HALFAR® has also been a professional and reliable partner for promotional bags, as we call them. Our bags and backpacks in this segment provide a backdrop for staging our customers' logos and images. At the heart of HALFAR®'s expertise in this field are high product quality, individually staging our customers' corporate design, and professional advice and support for customers. Promotional bags and backpacks are some of the most popular products in a range of promotional items and are among the top five products every year. The bags benefit from offering flexible uses and good opportunities for placing promotional messages, and because they are extremely useful for most people. With annual sales of around EUR 3.6 billion in only Germany, promotional items are among the biggest-selling forms of advertising in marketing communication. HALFAR® is one of Europe's leading providers and is expanding this position all the time.

The individual promotional bag system from HALFAR®
Personalized bags from stock

HALFAR® distinguishes between stock bags and bespoke bags. The company's stock range stretches to more than 190 individual bags in up to 10 colours per model and different models summed up in bag series. Customers will find almost every conceivable application for bags within the collection. Prospective customers can receive a sample within two working days, subject to availability. Undecorated goods are available at short notice. The stock bag range is available for decoration in line with the individual CI at HALFAR®'s site in Bielefeld. All common decoration techniques are available.

European production for individual bags with greater flexibility
The original LorryBags®

HALFAR® provides the system of bag production in Europe for customers who have highly-individual bag requirements that they want met as quickly as possible. The system is primarily used for the LorryBag® product range. These premium-quality bags are made from robust truck tarpaulin and offer the customer countless colour, design and decoration options.

Assembled in Europe
the bags kit Modular bags

HALFAR® offers interested customers bags in a modular design, using standard modules but only a minimal reduction in individuality. These bags use standard components that the customer can combine however he likes, but still retain an individual character.

Find out more about our bags made in Europe.

Absolutely custom-made promotional bags

HALFAR® has a large number of bags in stock or available from European production for interested customers, but sometimes a custom item is the only option. This might be the case if the customer wants a specific colour, a modification to an existing bag or an absolutely custom shape. You can even create a complete bag series. In such cases, we examine the technical feasibility individually and produce a pattern if needed. Depending on the design and country of production, custom bags and backpacks require batch sizes of at least 50 to 1,000.

Promotional bespoke bags

Popular uses for individual advertising bags
Individual business and travel bags

Professional advertising bags should be more than just advertising – they need to provide professional assistance in everyday life. Promo bags or backpacks that match a company's corporate design are frequently used to meet the needs of a company's own staff, such as to accompany them on business trips. HALFAR® has a large range of different bags as well as complete bag series for interested customers here.

Individualized leisure bags

Leisure is time to relax, recover and pursue hobbies. Individually personalized advertising bags are ideal here, too. Reward your customers and staff for outstanding performance and be their constant companion in private, too.

Custom printed bags for events

Individual event bags professionally support company events – as a small thank you for participating in an event, an aid in handing out seminar documents or as a sponsor's bag for congresses or colloquia. Tote bags given out during trade fairs or exhibitions are also always popular. The bag is a practical helper for carrying documents, and also provides an easily visible area for promotional messages.

Which decorated bags are used most frequently?
Individual promotional shoulder bags

The most popular are the classic shoulder bags, with messenger bags having reached cult status in recent years. The world of promo bags is now unthinkable without messenger bags and custom imprinted backpacks. They are available in a huge range of materials, such as leather, cotton, felt and truck tarpaulin.

Individual Rucksacks and Drawstring Bags as promotional items

Promotional rucksacks and printed drawstring bags are becoming increasingly important as promotional items and can be seen everywhere. While a few years ago they were seen more as an annoying companion, for example on school trips, they are now used in almost all walks of life.

Advertising cosmetics and wash bags

As well as displaying outstanding promotional properties, it is essential that an advertising bag has a practical use. What could be more obvious than designing bags for people's everyday needs? Personalized wash bags and custom printed cosmetic bags are companions in everyday life...

Custom-made pencil cases and conference folders as promotional items

Promotional pencil cases and conference folders are useful helpers in everyday business. They transport documents, hold writing materials and notepaper, offer useful elements such as pockets for business cards and loops for USB sticks, and help the owner to keep notes in every walk of life...

Individual shopping bags and tote bags as promotional items

What could make more sense than taking a beautiful tote bag with your individual print as the perfect companion for a long shopping trip?

Bags as gifts and incentives

Many companies use bags for gift or incentive schemes to reward their staff or customers for performance or loyalty. When putting the gifts together, every company needs to know who will enjoy which items. Bags and backpacks are popular gifts that everyone can enjoy.

Bags and backpacks for merchandising and licensing programmes

Individual bags and backpacks are popular fan items for merchandising and licensing programmes. Be it in sport or for TV shows, bands or events, HALFAR® supports interested customers in choosing, designing and decorating individual bags and backpacks...

The perfect decoration for your individual bag

As a specialist in promotional bags, HALFAR® has all the common decoration techniques at its own site. We will be happy to advise you on how to stage your individual and personal bag in line with your CI. Our bags are the backdrop for staging your brand or message.

Individual bags from HALFAR®

Quality and service from the Bielefeld bag creators
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Your Individual bags - from production to delivery

Here you can find information on the entire process from development and production through to delivery of your Individual bags :

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