Printing bags with HALFAR®

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You never know what's going into the bag. But you decide what goes on the bag. At HALFAR® you will find everything you need to print bags and turn them into unique favourites. As the promotional bag experts, we offer a wide range of bag types and many colours, materials and styles. And all of them are made as bags for printing to carry beautiful messages out into the world. With an advertising imprint you create individuality. Choose the bags you like best here.

Bags with advertising print - its effect, its advantages

Bags are popular and play a special role as promotional items: Because bags are mobile advertising media with a high practical benefit and emotional value - if they are designed accordingly. 

  • Reach: The chance of advertising contact with a message using a bag can be significantly higher than with some other promotional items. This is also because bags are particularly durable and are often used for years.
  • Mobility: A bag gets around. It carries messages to the target group.
  • Attractiveness: Bags are original, modern and offer not only unusual designs but also a special feel. An attractive accessory that everyone likes to have with them.
  • Individuality: Bags offer a choice of many colours, details, features and advertising applications. Perfectly adaptable to advertising messages and corporate designs.
  • Value: Materials, workmanship, utility and individual finishing ensure a valuable appearance and make up the special quality of bags.
  • Functionality: As promotional bags, HALFAR® bags are made to be used. They have a high utility value and are self-explanatory for everyone. Complicated instructions for use are unnecessary.  
  • Advertising suitability: A promotional bag offers a prominent place for a concise logo print or embroidery.

Design your own bags: the top 10 

Create bags yourself presented with the top 10 bags
HALFAR® offers a wide range of bags to customise yourself. Here are our most popular bag categories:
  1. Shoulder bags: The absolute classics and perennial favourites among bags. 
  2. Backpacks:  The sporty and versatile ones that can also be elegant and trendy. 
  3. Travel bags Travelling is the occasion par excellence for which good bags are important. 
  4. Sports bags:  Everything you need for training fits in here. 
  5. Outdoor bags:  Out and about with bags that can do it all. 
  6. Bum bags:  For everything you always want to have with you, preferably close at hand. 
  7. Tote bags & shopping baskets:  The beautiful, practical companions for shopping trips. 
  8. Folders & covers:  Small but nice. Solutions for everything that needs to be packed safely and beautifully. 
  9. Cool bags:  The freshness holders for all occasions, from the small lunch bag to the large cooler bag. 
  10. Drawstring bags:  The name is deceptive - drawstring bags are the new hip companions in minimalist garb.

Bags with logo - order now

Already found your bag for printing? At HALFAR® you can choose from the full range - both in terms of the pure bag selection and the possibilities for decoration. Choose the one that suits you best here in the bag shop. If you have any questions about bags for printing, our team promotional bags is at your side as specialists.
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