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Bags for the office, sport, travel – in series production

Imagine you have launched a successful promotion for a brand, and an individually branded bag plays the main role as a promotional item. Your target group is delighted – a result which is substantiated by annual studies, according to which bags rate amongst the 10 most popular and successful items.

How can you now link with the success of this promotion, without directly repeating yourself? By focussing on a promotional bag again, but this time a different model from the same series. As a result, you remain true to your style and can successfully continue on the same path. Of course, the same also applies for premiums for employees or equipment for your field sales team. In each case, promotional bag series provide the possibility to add continuity to your presentation. As a result, branding objectives can be optimally achieved and your target group is always positively surprised with a continuous flow of new models. An essential step for greater awareness, improved brand loyalty and for identification with your company.

Bag series ADVENTURE

Uncompromisingly high quality

Whether the ADVENTURE XL sport/travel bag, ADVENTURE multi-purpose bag or ADVENTURE rucksack: All the bags in this series are linked through their extremely clear, modern appearance and are characterised by a fine colour and material mix. The bags combine black, light grey and anthracite and also play with different surfaces – from shiny print via a fine honeycomb structure, right up to mat and fine weave.

Bag series COUNTRY and RETRO

Cult design in trend

The COUNTRY series provides something of a homeland in a bag format. With its honest, authentic style, it fits to both a rustic country house style, as well as to the urban retro trend.

In particular, the combination of materials makes this possible: Velvety velour meets robust polyester, rounded off with selected details such as metal buckles and zipper tags made from punched velour. The COUNTRY series provides a matching range with a sport/travel bag, shoulder bag and rucksack.

As charming as its role models, but more cheerful: The HALFAR® RETRO series made from PU synthetic leather in many colours. A stylish companion to the office, to university, for sport, cinema, on trips...this is ensured by the bag selection of shoulder bags, sport-travel bags and wash bags. In brief: Retro bags in a contemporary selection.

How to increase the benefits from a bag series

Bags and rucksacks as promotional items or customer gifts bear your brand to your customers and interested parties, therefore you must keep in mind an accurate image of their place of use, the utility of the bag and the timing of the handover. It is especially important to make the latter as positive as possible, because this moment makes a significant impression on customers.

Trade fairs, events, roadshows
Which bags are particularly suitable here will depend on your situation and your wishes. You can address a predominantly male or female target group with your bag selection. However, you can also select the bag type and size so that all the documents to be expected at an event can be well-stored and transported – an immediately experienceable benefit for your customers. Furthermore, you can design the character of the series yourself by handing out bags at a trade fair year for year which are suitable for a series according to their design or motif. Find out more regarding our Trade fair bags.

Sponsoring, merchandising program
Bags and rucksacks are part and parcel of many sponsoring and merchandising ranges. Here it is also common that the bags follow a series concept. Find out more regarding our individual Merchandising bags.

Employee presents
Tip: Hand out sport bags, hiking rucksacks and belt bags over an extended period. As a result, you will gain customer loyalty to your brand over an extended period.

Incentives and premiums
If you offer bags from a series, the addressed target group then has the opportunity to select a range of matching products, and therefore they develop greater ambition to obtain the next premium. Find out more regarding Incentives and premium bags.

Seminars and conferences
At events of this kind, it is worthwhile to hand out bags or rucksacks to carry documents. Many associations or conference organisers pay attention with overlapping target groups, that the gift bags have a series character. Find out more regarding our conference bags and printed briefcase bags.

Employee equipment
Business bags, travel bags or travel luggage come into question for this purpose. Not just for reasons of corporate design, but the bags should not appear to be “from one mould” and therefore stem from a series.

Bag series BUSINESS and OFFICE

Mission Possible for business customers

Young business bags with smart functions and an attractive price – this is the bag series BUSINESS. From the shoulder bag BUSINESS as a colourful organisational talent via the travel wash bag BUSINESS with a practical hanger, right up to the garment bag BUSINESS for crease-free business travel!

The OFFICE series provides business class at economy prices. They combine an elegantly-reduced design with striking details, such as an attractive decorative inverted pleat or a trend-orientated colour selection for the larger bags. Here the OFFICE series focuses completely on protective covers for smart accompanying devices in various sizes – from notebook bags to tablet covers.

Bag series MISSION and IMPULSE

Business. Anywhere, anytime!

New mobile technology makes it possible to work wherever you want, however you want. The business bag MISSION series discreetly and highly professionally accompanies busy people. In classic colours, with many details and sophisticated processing. Whether a rolling business trolley, a spacious business bag, a convenient roller-travel bag, a smart laptop rucksack or a high-quality sport and travel bag: The robust nylon 1680D protects your valuables - and looks exceptionally attractive into the bargain!

Black as the figures, classic as a white shirt, and yet strikingly different: The IMPULSE series business bag. The superior quilting and the distinctive zipper already reveal the class of this series from the exterior. The notebook rucksack and the roller-travel bag IMPULSE also delight through their functionality alone, thanks to their equipment and the quality of the processing. The perfect piece of equipment for good business!

Emotionality is everything in advertising.
Also for promotional items.

Mere fractions of a second decide whether we like someone: Seconds which are especially determined by feelings. And this not only holds true when getting to know people, but also brands and companies. Excellent promotional items should strengthen this relationship and therefore especially rely on one thing: Emotion.

Promotional bags provide many facets for emotional communication. At first glance, this occurs via their colour design and their printed or embroidered advertising message. At a second glance or touch, it occurs via their haptic impression – tangible and tactile advertising literally touches people! This can be reinforced even more regarding bags through the conscious selection of materials.

But bags used as promotional items actually continue to take effect beyond this initial moment, because a bag is in itself a likeable and practical advertising medium. Besides its obvious utility in everyday life, it also has a fashionable dimension. You adorn yourself with a bag, and you experience something with a bag – a holiday, a successful meeting, a trade fair .... All this increases the emotionality and therefore the effect of the bag as an advertising medium.

Bag series SOLUTION

Leisure time, fun, emotions

SOLUTION is the cute series, which delights through its colour diversity and is a cheerful companion for leisure time pursuits. After all, it provides you with five bag types: Belt bag, cool bag, shopper, seminar bag and notebook bag.

Bag series SPLASH

Keep your advertising campaign watertight with our water-resistant bags

Function or design? At HALFAR®, there is no “either-or”. We are happy to combine both of these aspects, such as with the tarpaulin bag series SPLASH. The welded seams, the intelligent roll closure and the water-resistant, robust material promise a high level of everyday functionality. With the naval drybag in two sizes, the rucksack or the sport and travel bag, everyone is in their element with SPLASH.

Bag series STEP

How to maintain employees’ delight –
keep the series going

A practical example of how a promotional bag series can be successfully used within a company:

More health, more motivation, more sport! This is a formula which Meyer has decided to pursue. In future, the canteen will offer healthier meals, workplaces will be ergonomically designed, and, thanks to agreements with sport studios in the vicinity, employees can look forward to favourable conditions.

As additional motivation, at Christmas a matching sporty gift will be presented to the staff: A rucksack, individually printed with the in-house theme of the year: Meyer bewegt dich! (Meyer gets you moving!) For the men, the rucksack STEP L and for the women, the slightly smaller STEP M.

Furthermore, Meyer has set up a company suggestions scheme and has adopted the sport bag STEP here as a premium. In turn, these are a perfect match with the sponsored equipment for the newly-founded company handball team, who line up in the same colours and with the same print.

Sounds good? This is precisely how series such as the STEP can provide motivating employee premiums, which, thanks to the various bag types, can run over a longer time period to the continuous delight of your employees.

Bag series TRINITY

For business or leisure time –
TRINITY made from fine mat tarpaulin

It is the superior combination of matt lorry tarpaulin in white, anthracite and grey and the luxurious design with a quilted back and metal closure which make the TRINITY series so unique. TRINITY is a complete tarpaulin bag family for various applications with a notebook bag, a cover for tablet PCs, a shoulder bag and a sport and travel bag.

Bag series CRAFT

Ready to rise?

Wherever a self-confident appearance and a combination of authenticity and professionalism are required, these bags will certainly be climbing the career ladder. The CRAFT series captivates through its grey two-tone fabric and its minimalistic design. Extremely cool and remarkably urban – as a shoulder bag with a roll top closure, or as a notebook rucksack with a black transport strap. Whether for the Financial Times or Penny board: That depends on your business objectives.

Sport bag series AIR and SPORT

For action-lovers

The AIR series marks a new ease of mobility. Whether the rucksack AIR or the spacious sport/travel bag AIR, these bags made from PU-coated, PVC-free nylon rip-stop fabric are real lightweights. Ideal for sporting endeavours or for trips on which excess baggage will certainly not be an issue.

The large SPORT family with five bag talents: Sport-travel bag, taffeta rucksack, rucksack, wash bag and cooler bag. With these bags, you can relax and enjoy a sporting weekend, from your time of arrival until the evening barbeque. Ideally suited as a sport bag series for premiums, and available in many colours.

Expert knowledge for pros

Which bag types belong
in a bag series?

Of course, a travel bag is indispensable in a series concerning the topic of travel, and a notebook bag or a notebook rucksack is obligatory in a business bag series. However, all bag types can appear in a bag series – from a sport rucksack to a cool bag.

The exact selection depends on the objective of the bag series. Who should receive them, what is the main theme? On the one hand, bags in a series which are printed or generally decorated can play with a single topic, for example travel.

On the other hand, many series also interconnect different worlds, for example business and leisure, in which case bags such a notebook rucksack and a sport rucksack can merge into a single series.

The law of a series

Basically, the following series categories and bags exist:

Business series
These series include bags such as a notebook bag, laptop rucksack, covers for tablet and PC, seminar bags, travel bags, trolleys.

Travel and leisure series
Always with a sport and travel bag, and in addition shoulder bags, shopper bags, garment bags, wash bags and more.

Sport series
Here sport rucksacks and sport bags are to be found. They often exhibit special features which are useful for certain types of sport.

Material series
The connecting theme here is the character of the series itself or the characterising material. Series such as these can often be universally used for many possible areas and target groups, for example with bags made from felt, cotton or special materials.

Trend series
These are series which pick up on a current trend, for example the vintage trend or minimalism, made for a zeitgeist-orientated target group and often stocked with leisure bags in state of the art cuts.

Bag series REFLEX

Always visible, always safe

Makes brands unmistakable! The neon-yellow bag series REFLEX draws the attention, especially through the original 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflex strips. Thanks to their luminosity, these bags ensure better visibility and safety whilst on the go – whether as a hip drawstring bag, an elegant shoulder bag or a sporty rucksack.

Further enquiries:

Why do bags make good promotional items

Every tenth Euro which is spent on brand communication and advertising flows into a promotional item, and their success justifies this investment. Studies substantiate that a promotional item as a standalone measure can achieve an excellent effect if its use is conceptually planned, and this effect can be even greater if it is used to flank a campaign. Here are the features which characterise promotional bags as promotional items:

Bag series ModernClassic and MODUL

The material makes the series –
felt bags

Sleek, high-quality, authentic – many reasons speak for bags made from felt. The emotionality of felt bags is the actual material, another positive reason for its use as an advertising medium. Furthermore, felt provides many possibilities for processing different bag types and covers.

HALFAR® provides a multitude of felt bags: Some as a series, some as individual pieces. Combine bags from different series to create your own felt collection, for example for high-quality premiums. This material ensures a high level of independence and creates strong connections.

Select your favourite models from the bag series ModernClassic. Our selection is extensive: From classic courier and college bags via business bags and shoppers right up to folders. All of these are made from fine and often surprisingly colourful felt.

MODUL – the feature of this felt bag series is disclosed in its name. It offers covers in abundance, for many circumstances and devices. The special thing about MODUL: Even small covers can be individually decorated by HALFAR® thanks to our step by step production process. MODUL coddles smartphones, tablets or writing cases with felt which protects them against impacts and scratches, and is soft and warm to the touch. A beautiful contrast to our technological world.

Individual, creative –
bag series according to customer wishes

“That shopper bag looks great! Can you also get it as a rucksack”? HALFAR® has a vast range which repeatedly inspires our customers with new bag ideas, and that delights us. We are happy to take up your ideas and develop your bag according to your wishes, and even your own series. Examples of which creative bags have already been created in this way can be seen here Promotional bags as customised products.

Individual, customised bag series

HALFAR® moves –
in a corporate film

Find out more about the Bielefeld bag specialist and take a glance at our production. Now in our corporate film.

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