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Ready! Our stocked promotional bags are delivered in no time

HALFAR® offers a large selection of bags directly from stock. At our site in Bielefeld, we keep over 190 different bag designs as stocked goods for our customers with each article in more than 10 different colours and versions. This means: our most popular promotional bags and the bestsellers amongst the promotional bags can also be supplied at short notice. We decorate these pre-manufactured printed bags we have in stock in-house according to your requirement, just as you envisage them, e.g., by logo print or embroidery, and then send them to the requested address.

The advantages of HALFAR® stocked bags

  • Immediate availability
  • Fast delivery
  • Large selection of standard items and colours
  • Direct finishing with print application possible
  • Reliable logistics and delivery
  • minimoney, the inexpensive stocked bag collection

How many of my chosen bags can be supplied? Find out straight away!

We are happy to inform you personally of our current warehouse stock or you can look at the relevant bag yourself in the HALFAR® Online Shop. By following the Delivery & Logistics link, you also find out everything about our delivery times, minimum quantities and stock levels.

What other options are there besides stocked goods?

HALFAR®, as a specialist, also makes individual bags according to customer requirements, which naturally are not part of our warehouse stock. These include:

  • The HALFAR® bag building blocks – bags, which are individually put together from a specified choice of shapes, colours and materials.
  • Special editions – produced freely according to customer requirements.

We are happy to advise you on whether a warehouse bag is the right solution for you – or which options are available for your needs.

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