Bags with photo printing as promotional items

Brilliant photos on bags

A bag with photo printing is an individual and creative means of advertising. It can be used to present campaign motifs and promotions in a lively and attention-drawing manner. The bag itself looks like a portable photo or a mobile poster – provided the quality of the print and the interaction between the bag and the print function together.

As promotional bag experts, HALFAR® prints bags and backpacks from its own collection with a number of different techniques, thus creating unique promotional items. Especially on the tarpaulin bags, such as the original HALFAR® Lorry Bag®, the digital prints are brilliantly set off. These bags with photo printing or image printing can in part even be given an all-round print. This means the images span right up to the bleed and seamlessly stretch from the cover flap right into the back section.

Here you can see some of the bags with photo printing and examples for successful design developments! Take a look at all our bags with printable tarpaulin in our bag finder!

1 // LorryBag® Original 1 H with photo print

About 20 years ago, the LorryBag® Original 1 was the first tarpaulin bag used for advertising on the German market. Today, the freely-designable tarpaulin bag is an evergreen, yet one which has not lost any of its charm. The appeal of the LorryBag® is found in its freedom of choice: more than 43 tarpaulin colours as well as a number of different fitting elements mean one can create a unique bag. As the tarpaulin cutting pieces are individually decorated prior to sewing, even a full-surface photo motif right to the bleed can be realised. Here you can see the LorryBag® Original 1 H – as well as a portrait format.

2 // Flap Bag Module 1 H with photo printing

With the Flap Bag, the flap can be designed at will, e.g. with a full-surface photo in digital print. This tarpaulin bag is a so-called building block bag: while the bag’s body is prefabricated, the cover flap is individually produced. By the way, apart from tarpaulin, a variety of other materials are also possible, right up to own fabrics.

3 // Flap Bag Module 2 with photo print

With the Flap Bag, the printed cover flap with the photo continues right up to the elaborately padded back. A very comfortable, contemporary version of the tarpaulin bag.

4 // LorryBag® Original 2 with photo printing

Here the bag design and photo motif harmonise optimally. The LorryBag® Original 2 provides accents with the press lock and the broad strap. With this LorryBag®, apart from the cover flap, tarpaulin cuttings can also be selected freely from more than 43 colours.

With the photo printing, it goes without saying that the effect of the bag also greatly depends on the respective motif.

Our promotional bags team would be happy to advise you which image quality and file formats we require for a bag. Of course, we would also be happy to consult you on how photos can be sensibly used on bags to ensure they draw attention. So that the bags with image print will be a successful building block of your marketing concept.

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