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With beach bags and swimming bags, your promotional print is sure to enjoy a place in the sun! Packed with a swimming towel, snorkels, sunglasses, it is the perfect accompaniment when going to the lake, the sea, the swimming pool, on holiday or, quite simply, to the beach promenade. By nature, promotional bags are outside a lot of the time at these venues, making them ideally suited as promotional items. Have the beach bag printed with a logo as a promotional item – in silkscreen print, digital print or transfer print - or have it embroidered with your advertising message. Important in this regard is that the promotional print is well-positioned, and that the design and benefits are suited for your target group. Here, HALFAR® can offer a very good selection.

Beach bags printed or embroidered with a logo

Which decorations come into question for beach and swimming bags, depends on the model you select. With a spacious and multi-functional bag, a beach bag also cuts a good figure as a shopping bag far away from the lake and ocean. As a discreet and classy model, a swimming bag can also turn into an office bag at some point.

We present you a selection of HALFAR® promotional bags for beach and swimming outings here.

1 // Beach shopper SOLUTION

Plenty of space for the bikini, towel, bathing mat, beach reading and lots more. And, even if the beach is still a few metres away: thanks to the specially sewn straps, everything can be comfortably carried over the shoulder. Then, the only thing that will get you perspiring will be the (hopefully) warm summer temperature.

2 // Sporty beach bag CANNY

Ideally suited for spontaneous outings to the lake or outdoor swimming pool. The CANNY sport bag is particularly light and, when folded up, can also be taken along as a second bag, just in case. With its variety of bright colours, it is the sunny accompaniment for every swimming day.

3 // Beach shopper BONNY

With the BONNY shopper, one has maritime look for when you go swimming, to the jetty or possibly even sailing? At least the cord straps give it an air of sailing flair. The grey bottom is stain resistant and offers the ideal backdrop for letting the summerly colours of the shopping bag shine especially bright.

We would be happy to advise you in person regarding which bag would be best suited as a promotional item for your specific purpose. The promotional bag team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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