Bum bags with individual print or embroidery

Promotional items that make customers' lives easier

Bum bags and waist bags are practical companions for every day and when travelling. Handy bum bags and waist bags have space for all those little things we need or want to have with us every day – be it keys, wallet, phone or chewing gum. The best thing is that everything is immediately at hand, with no need to take the bag off the back or shoulder first. The hands are free and the weight is comfortably distributed on the hips. Adjustable belts and soft padding ensure that the bags sit perfectly and are comfortable to wear.

One waist bag, many functions

A bum bag quickly becomes a mobile phone holder, a wallet or a small, mobile travel bag when on holiday. The latter is especially popular, as many people like to have their valuables in sight at all times – with a bum bag or waist bag, they are always in front and it is difficult for pickpockets to take them unnoticed. Designs vary, but most bags have one large zipped section and often various other smaller pockets on the inside and outside, with space to store everything securely and in a well-organised way.
Incidentally, another option is multibags, whose intelligent belt system allows them to be converted from a shoulder to a waist bag in seconds. Needless to say, custom-made bum bags with an individual print are also an option.

Bum bags as promotional items

Bum bags are also a great help when it comes to advertising. Printed or embroidered, they are a casual way to promote brands or products. The bags reach a wide target audience – for some they are a companion for sporting activities by bike, on a skateboard, on foot, on skis and much more, for others a top accessory for travel and city breaks. Many users love their hip bag for much more than its practicality. It is also a fashion accessory for trendsetters and plays a crucial role in everyday life.

Printed, embroidered... or with a metal emblem?

Promotional bag specialist HALFAR® has plenty of options for giving “your” bum bag the right look – with screen printing, transfer printing, embroidery, metal labels, doming and much more. Look forward to a printed bum bag that is lots of fun for you and your advertising customers!

Our promotional bags team will be happy to advise you personally on which bum bags you can use as promotional items for your target group, corporate design and advertising campaign. We look forward to meeting you!

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