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Writing cases, conference folders, document folders – regardless of what you call these, one thing is sure: these cases keep order and get things organised. However, they are far more than just industrious collectors of important notes, documents and utensils. Writing cases also always express something about the person carrying them. They wander across office hallways; through conference rooms; they are present at regular meetings, important conferences or seminars on desks and podiums. For colleagues, partners and employees, they are a visible testimony of their own culture of writing and orderliness. In brief: Writing cases communicate. Therefore, besides their function, their design and aesthetics also play an important role. An ideal playing field, also for use as a promotional item! Practical in use; an original application combined with an eye-catching advertising surface; exactly those ingredients which create a successful promotional item. Have you ever thought about having writing cases printed for your individual advertising campaign? We are happy to help you!

The 4 factors for successful use of a conference folder as advertising material

Just like all promotional items, conference folders can also really open up your communicative potential if these four factors are optimally coordinated:

    • USES

Originality means that the conference folder should be individual and not interchangeable. It should optimally suit the target group in character, style and design and naturally also suit the advertiser The right item in the right place – that is the basic principle.

In addition, the quality must be right. Promotional items can only then be used in the long-term and ensure a friendly, trusting relationship to the product and the person giving the gift.

The use is just as important. The best looking promotional item is no good if it is not used.

The better it is to use, the better the chances of success. A conference folder is a highly functional product in itself - make sure that it can actually meet the expectations.

The last important point is the advertising message. Conference folders offer very predominant print areas, which can be used in very different ways depending on the Corporate Design and style. The range of possibilities extends from a very subtle, little print to elegant embroidery and from a metal emblem or woven label to a striking full area image print.

About pockets and loops:
Features of the conference folder

As a promotional item, the recipient should of course like the conference folder first of all. There are sure to be different requirements with respect to the practical uses – depending on the scope and purpose and in which contexts the conference folder is used. There are huge difference in the product features. Possible equipment and features are as follows:

    • Ring mechanism (2 or 4 hole mechanisms)
    • Clamp mechanism
    • Paper pad
    • Integration possibilities for Smartphone, tablet
    • Business card pouches
    • Pen holders, pen loops
    • Integrated calculator
    • Inside and outside compartments
    • A4 document compartments
    • Zip
    • Press stud or magnetic clip
    • Shoulder strap or handle

A4 or A5? The question of size

Also important to clarify in advance: the size of the conference folder. A4 formats are generally recommended for conferences and seminars in order to be able to put the documents straight into the folder. If these conference folders also have a shoulder strap, they can be used as little, individual bags. A smaller format such as A5 is practical for everyday office use and as a constant companion.

Which material should be used to produce conference folders?

Conference folders can be produced from almost all imaginable materials. It is important that the conference folder displays a certain rigidity, which is achieved with sewn-in supports.

Rubber loops, metal clips, metal rings and foils for transparent windows are used inside for the organiser. The outer material should also be equipped for everyday use

and should also be as easy as possible to decorate. Possible materials in the HALFAR® range are:

    • Polyester – versatile, tear resistant and durable
    • Felt – nice feel, elegant with laser engraving
    • Truck tarpaulin – trend material, very robust, perfect for motifs in digital print
    • PU artificial leather – very noble, ideal for embossed motifs

When is a special edition worth it?

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the standard range, there is always the option of arranging for a special conference folder to be produced. Reasons could be as follows:

    • Specific devices should be used in the folder
    • You need a special size
    • You would like a special colour or material
    • You require individualised compartments or organisation

HALFAR® offers its customers the option of producing such special edition conference folders.

We develop prototypes and approval samples for examination depending on customer requests.

On which occasions are conference folders used as promotional items?

Typical occasions we know from practice are as follows:

    • Employee product (e.g. field sales)
    • Workshops
    • Conferences, seminars, congresses
    • Exhibitions
    • Training sessions
    • Incentives

Logos and more:
print application

Conference folders generally offer very good decoration possibilities due to their size and the flat front. Many application techniques can be used.

Decoration using silkscreen print and embossing are the most frequent ones. HALFAR® decorates the conference folders itself in the printing and sewing department using in-house embroidery machines. We not only pay attention to the look of the advert application, but also to the quality. After all, logos and advertising messages are usually applied to the front. They should not lose any brilliance and intensity due to intensive use. HALFAR® offers a wealth of different technologies in terms of print application:

Conference folders from HALFAR®

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Your Conference folders - from production to delivery

Here you can find information on the entire process from development and production through to delivery of your Conference folders :

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