Drawstring bags printed as promotional items

Comfort meets practicality

Everyone knows drawstring bags. Many use them for sports, shoes or simply as a backpack. We all used them for our school sports kit, and now drawstring bags with your individual logo are making a comeback. As a lifestyle product in a huge range of designs for sport, travel and leisure, drawstring bags decorated with print or embroidery are a big hit with everyone.

Comfort meets practicality

It is the drawstring bag's practical and comfortable style that makes it a coveted item for young and old, large and small. Characterised by its unique cut with cord straps and tie-up opening, the printed drawstring bag is extremely practical and ideal in any situation.

The huge choice of colours is another advantage – be it a black body with colourful cords or vice versa, a colourful bag with cords in matching colours, or a simple bag all in a natural colour. You are sure to find the perfect colour for your corporate identity. You can then individualise the smart backpack with your company logo printed or embroidered.

Which drawstring bag is best?

HALFAR® offers an enormous range of promotional drawstring bags to fit any occasion. This trend product always stands out as a convenient and stylish companion. Be it made from polyester, mini ripstop or cotton, it is ultimately the quality that counts! This also includes the usually minimal weight of the sports bag, which allows it to be carried casually on one shoulder or as a backpack on the back.

The trendy sports bags are also available in a range of sizes. The standard size is an ideal promotional item for any occasion. And when there is a little more to carry, the extra large, individually printable drawstring bags from HALFAR® are the ideal companion. Some even have an external zipped pocket for immediate access to keys or phone. Another one is ideal for the dark season due to its bright neon yellow colour and the original 3MTM ScotchliteTM reflex strips.

Individually printed drawstring bags for your promotion

Do you want the best possible position for your logo? You can't go wrong with an individually printed drawstring bag. Because the bags are carried directly on the back and the maximum promotional space is exploited, your logo immediately catches the eye and remains in the onlooker's memory. It is this decoration that completes the look of the sports bag. You will be spoilt for choice of whether to print or embroider your bag or decorate it with a metal emblem. HALFAR® offers you lots of options for displaying your logo in the best possible way. And with cords in matching colours, you can emphasise your trend awareness even better.

Even the price of the drawstring bag with your logo impresses, putting it in the category of good-value promotional items and making it ideal for use at trade fairs and events. It is highly recognisable, as it stands out from the usual trade fair bags, and is still a trendy accessory that the future user will be happy to carry in their free time, too.

Having trouble deciding which of our huge selection of drawstring bags best matches your company or logo? Our customer advisers will be happy to help.

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