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The bag as mobile office – an excellent promotional item

Whether laptop, notebook or tablet - computers are becoming ever smaller, lighter and power packs last longer. Hardly anyone has to constantly transport files from A to B thanks to digitalisation. Whilst the Home Office was the symbol of a new working culture years ago, it is called the Mobile Office now. Thanks to practical helpers such as the notebook bag it almost does not matter where we work. The office simply comes with us. A glimpse of airports, train stations, university campuses or inner cities shows: the modern man or woman travels with a laptop bag - whether privately or on business. You can see the practical carrier of technology everywhere – no wonder that they are also valued highly as an advertising medium.

What turns a notebook bag into good advertising material?

Firstly, it is a merit of the bag itself that notebook bags are such desirable advertising material. This is because bags and backpacks rank highly on the popularity scale for promotional items. Reasons for this are varied. They are convincing as promotional items because of:

Apart from these general benefits, several specific aspects speak for the type of laptop and notebook bag.

Good reasons for notebook bags as promotional items

A user automatically expects relatively high product quality from a laptop bag. After all it is a functional bag, which has to best protect a relatively expensive piece of equipment.

Furthermore, it is expected that a certain amount of DP equipment will be kept in the bag. Therefore, it should offer enough space to store a power pack and cables for instance.

What is the right size?

It also goes without saying that the laptop bag should have a sufficiently large laptop pocket. Here is the first fundamental question: how would a company know, which size of laptop might be used by the recipient of the gift? Especially as there is now a wide spectrum of notebook sizes.

The companies that want to obtain laptop bags for their own representatives in their Corporate Design have the advantage that the equipment inlay is usually pre-defined. We recommend choosing a variation that is too large for the other group of companies.

This is because smaller items or tablets can also be transported safely and comfortably in larger laptop pockets – and there is space for more equipment and office material.

For your orientation, here are a few standard equipment bags and the recommended bag:

felt tablet sleeve MODERNCLASSIC M #1809117

For netbooks

Netbook sleeve

ModernClassic M

approx. 330 x 230 mm

tablet sleeve MODUL 1 #1808818

For tablets

Tablet case

Modul 1

approx. 240 x 170 mm

Netbook sleeve ModernClassic M #1809117

For Netbooks

Netbook sleeve

ModernClassic M

approx. 330 x 230 mm

notebook bag OFFICE #1809124

For 15" laptops

Notebook bag


approx. 390 x 280 mm

CI compatible bags for Tablet and Co

Furthermore, the advertiser must think carefully about designing a laptop bag that is CI-compatible. The spectrum extends from choosing the right colour together with the optimum print application to the choice of the correct material and appropriate packaging. HALFAR®, as manufacturer and importer of advertising bags and backpacks, provides professional answers to all these questions.

When do laptop bags become promotional items?

Here are some practical examples from advertising companies:

Area of use, place



Employee gift

Notebook bags should correspond to the Corporate Identity of the advertiser

The bag should appeal to a wider target group (gender non-specific, no special area of use)

Product quality and elegance of design must be appropriate.

The advertising message must be in balance with the product

Should strengthen the identification with the company

Employees should feel they belong and are appreciated

Good combination of private life and work

Incentive systems for customers and/or employees

See Employee gift

Performance is appreciated and is rewarded

Conference, seminar or congress

Attractive design and use is matched to the participants

Plenty of space for documents, presentations

The bag should reflect the Corporate Design

Suited for transport of seminar documentation, equipment can be stored

Positive memories of the event

Likeability factor for the event

Employee product

Best suited for the expected use, laptops/tablets and other peripheral appliances must fit

Coherent appearance


Gift for customer, Christmas present, reward for achievement

Must suit as broad a range as possible, use should not be too specific, possibly with movable laptop pocket

High level of advertising impact, good recollection, creates motivation and preferences

New customer acquisition, customer loyalty

The target group should like the properties of the product

Recognisable reference to the company, Corporate Identity, values,

Must match the importance of the customer

The print application must concentrate on the company or brand

Creates preferences for the company

Merchandising programs

Look, design must go with other products within the range

Appearance must suit the character of the company and/or the brand

Must be desirable

Company/brand is communicated to areas, which are otherwise difficult to reach

Transfer to private life

Events, sponsoring

Must suit the event, the visitors/target group

Must offer space for additional documents

Sufficient advertising space when several sponsors are represented

Positive memory of the event, practical companion for documents

How do different types of bags and backpacks for laptops vary?

Classic notebook bag

Business bag with notebook pocket

Movable notebook pocket
also possible to use with other bags and backpacks

Leisure bag with laptop pocket


Tablet covers

The question of price or:
finishing and features matter!

Before you decide on a notebook bag as an advertising or merchandising article, you must question the available budget. Notebook bags as promotional items are available in all levels of price and quality.

Our products do vary in material quality and features, too. However, at HALFAR® we ensure proper finishing and bag design in every price category. As the bag will only be used if it meets the expectations of the user,

it only then will reach its potential as advertising material.

To help you a little with your decision-making we would ask the following questions:

Interior view of a notebook bag
Headphone opening of a notebook bag
Rear view of a notebook bag
  • Would you use the bag yourself?
  • Do the benefits, quality and design fulfil your brand requirements?
  • Does the bag create a positive image?

TIP: sometimes it is advisable to order a smaller quantity rather than accepting reductions in quality and finish! We are happy to advise you according to your area of application and the planned target group!

How the quality of the bags and the advertising message shape your market image positively

Promotional items and especially promotional bags only unfold the desired effect when all relevant factors are in harmony with each other:

    • Does the product have the expected benefits?
    • Did you consider that many of your customers should be able to use the bags – irrespective of gender, age and hobbies?
    • Does the value of the bag match the value given to your company by the person receiving the gift?
    • Will the quality convince the recipient?
    • Does the product image reflect that of your company?
    • Is the print application selected so that the product and its benefits are not impeded?
    • Is the anticipated period of use guaranteed?
    • Does the design of your notebook bag correspond to the principles of your CI (if required)?

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