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New design, functions, colours, and materials

Discover our new promotional bags. Look forward to versatile bag innovations, fresh colours, exciting material mixtures, bag models and bag series that simply make you want more. Whether contemporary backpacks and shoulder bags for business, or likeable shopping bags made from cotton or polyester. There are also entirely new looks: HALFAR® is demonstrating its flair for trends and versatility and strenghtens its position as the leading supplier for promotional bags. 

We are pleased to give you the complete range of bag innovations at a glance. You can find out more about each individual promotional bag in our bag finder - or in our cataloguesLeaf here through the new main catalogue or in our innovations catalogue. We are also happy to send you both of these as printed versions.

New products autumn-winter 2018/19

You simply just can’t get enough of some things: Beautiful colours, fine structures, exciting designs, and strong functions. So now we have set the bar even higher at HALFAR® and are proud to present our innovations.

The future of the SUB
(Sports Utility Bag)

STORM series
The STORM whirled through our range as a backpack in 2017. Now it is blowing ano-ther strong, stiff breeze in the form of a sport/travel bag and shoulder bag: Both featuring the characteristic roll-up closure. And all of this in the fascinating sporty-technical design that makes STORM so special.

1 sport/travel bag STORM
2 shoulder bag STORM

This Courier has a clear message: Yours!

KURIER series
Logos and advertising messages certainly come into their own on the large uni-coloured flap. It follows your lead with regard to your favourite colour and offers eight shades to choose from. And the KURIER also proves to be restrained in terms of price, offering a lot for very little. Come and convince yourself!

1 shoulder bag KURIER

Bags for Office and Business

Are you a technology fan who prefers to organise things in life virtually? Someone who trusts cards rather than coins and screens rather than books? Or are you an individualist who likes to hold paper in the hand? Whatever is important to you in business and in life: HALFAR® has the right notebook backpacks, bags and conference folders.

The New Economy

Notebook backpacks and bags
The mobile office is and remains our favourite topic. 2018 is the year of the complex, technically sophisticated notebook backpacks. Protection against pickpockets and virtual data theft is a highly topical subject. We fight them off with compartments on the back or a special RFID shielded compartment.

1 Notebook backpack GIANT
2 Notebook backpack SKILL
3 Notebook bag BENEFIT

How can I protect Valuables in the Bag against Pickpockets?


First things first: Skilled pickpockets can reach even presumably well stored valuables if the circumstances are right. However, there are ways of making it really difficult for them. Be particularly attentive in crowds and highly frequented places. Do not place valuables in front pockets of backpacks or in other easily accessible compartments. Use inside or concealed compartments such as those offered by many HALFAR® bags.

Several of our new products also convince with special features. A zipper compartment on the back of a backpack is almost impossible for pickpockets to reach when it is being carried – this is offered by the roller backpack STORM, the notebook backpack SKILL, the notebook bag FASHION and the business notebook backpack GIANT. The latter makes things difficult for pickpockets in another way too: It can be locked.

Folders for Meetings

Office accessories
These office accessories are the perfect meeting companions. We offer conference folders for everyone who loves classic notes. Always with individual decoration, of course.

1 Conference folder SCRIPT
2 Conference folder BASE

Unique Conference Folders:
Thanks to Sublimation


A conference folder decorated by sublimation print makes a very personal gift: available from a quantity of just 50 units. It is also perfect for picking up on a slogan or to realise merchandising for a club or certain groups.

Find out more useful information on the sublimation decoration method!

Exhibitions and events: Experience promotional bags live

It is the path-breaker for promotional and advertising articles in Europe: the PSI trade fair in Duesseldorf. Of course HALFAR® is also present at this lead trade fair held in January.
As the specialists for promotional bags, HALFAR® also exhibits at a whole series of national and international trade fairs – amongst these some which are only open to a specialist audience. If you as end customer would like to visit us at such a trade fair, please contact us in advance. We are happy to try to make this possible for you.

Bags for Lifestyle and Travel

You can pack important things and express something personal with the right bag. Whether for shopping, sport, in leisure time or for travel: At HALFAR® you will find bags that combine function and emotion in the best possible way. With trend materials such as jersey or organic cotton. With practical bag formats from drawstring bags to waist bags and multi bags. And with clever features to offer added comfort when out and about.

More than fashionable

FASHION series
These three are very talented; whether travel bag, notebook bag or backpack.

1 Travel bag FASHION
2 Backpack FASHION
3 Notebook bag FASHION

Your favourite series have new additions!

We have expanded some of the most popular HALFAR® series for 2018. Look forward to the new family members!

Such as the new conference folder from our BASE sublimation series. Furthermore, the conference folder SCRIPT with the all-round zipper increases the choice for fans of elegant writing culture.

Our product range made from organic cotton, manufactured according to the GOTS standard, also has a new addition with the new little ORGANIC bags – small cosmetic bags and all-rounders in three sizes.

The well-known FASHION series made from a blue-green mélange material now also has three more elegant family members: Travel bag, notebook bag and backpack.
In the colourful STEP family, the 3-in-1 multi bag provides entirely new freedom of movement. And the SOLUTION bag series will offer two more beautiful bag solutions in future: A lunchbag and a shoe bag.

Read more about the advantage and benefits of bag series for your advertising!

Simply chic

JERSEY series
Bags as attractive as T-shirts. Real fashion statements made from the new, fine material jersey. Soft, cuddly and simply chic.

1 Tote bag JERSEY
2 Drawstring bag JERSEY
3 Shopper JERSEY

New: Bags made from Jersey

HALFAR® is always on the search for new, exciting trend materials for bags. We have made a wonderful new discovery this year in jersey. The material is actually known as a t-shirt material and offers a pleasantly soft quality. Urban casualness combines with a fine textile character - let yourself be impressed.

Robust Canvas

JOURNEY series
You don't just take the train or ride a bike with these bags: You travel. Stylish design for all those who live and love the authentic.

1 Shoulder bag JOURNEY
2 Sport / travel bag JOURNEY

With Attention to Detail

HALFAR® focuses on high-quality ingredients and has a soft spot for striking details. This is something you will notice on many bags – one very good example is the new JOURNEY series. We primarily let material combinations do the talking and create strong accentuation. Such as with the reinforcements and embellishments made from brown faux velours leather on the zip and on straps. We also metal karabiners and buckles for a stronger hold and style.

Bubbly Bestsellers

The three new models from the colourful bestseller series make it easy for you to manage everyday life.

1 Lunchbag SOLUTION
2 Backpack SOLUTION
3 Shoe bag SOLUTION

Advertising Success in a sporty Way

STEP series
One of our favourite families has sporty new members. There is the hip drawstring bag, the 3-in-1 multi bag, the dynamic shoulder bag and the versatile waist bag.

1 Shoulder bag STEP
2 Multi bag STEP
3 Drawstring bag STEP
4 Waist bag STEP

Great for Wanderlust

Bags and backpacks for travel
Pack your bags and off you go. In 2018, HALFAR® is offering all globetrotters, leisure time fans and weekend trippers the right luggage. Choose from:

1 Wash bag TRAVEL
2 Backpack STORM
3 Multi bag CRAFT
4 Trekking backpack MOUNTAIN

Colours and designs:
What inspires us?

Promotional bags differ from fashionable bags in many different ways. Naturally, current trends in colour and design continue to be an inspiration for us. Over and above this, however, we always ensure that the basic elements of our bags are the right ones, as these are what make a successful promotional bag.

For example, this includes our selection of materials, designed to make our customers’ logos really stand out. This doesn’t work with all trend materials, and requires careful testing. The same applies for the colours. We like to pick up on current colour trends, but always bear in mind that the colour selection must fit to our customers. Their corporate designs are relevant, and these are frequently not orientated on trends, but rather are timeless and long-lasting.

Bags for Advertising
and as a Gift

It will go shopping with you. To the office. To sport. Stroll
around shopping malls. Sit in cafés. Ride the train. Lie in the
bathroom. To be brief: Your logo is always there on a HALFAR®
bag, very close to the customer. After all, people enjoy using
our bags often.

Practical Everyday Helpers

True advertising strategists
The new light shoppers and sport bags with folding function, the versatile little bags made from sustainable organic cotton or the robust jute-cotton shopper.

1 Sport bag SHIFT
2 Shopper NATIVE
3 Shopper STORE
4 Zipper bag ORGANIC S
5 Zipper bag ORGANIC M
6 Zipper bag ORGANIC L

News for Sustainability:
The GOTS Standard


Sustainability is a big topic for HALFAR®: We have had GOTS-certified bags in the range since 2017 - the ORGANIC series made from cotton. This gives you the certainty of an entirely sustainable product.

All about HALFAR®: Stay comprehensively informed

The HALFAR® brand stands for strong special and promotional bags. In addition to mature products and good services, we are particularly interested in sustainability. As customers, partners or fans of the HALFAR® bags, discover more about the topics that concern us in our Blog: about our company culture, our commitment to sustainability, our creative bag developments and lots more to do with the promotional bags and our company.

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