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New design, functions, colours, and materials

Discover our new promotional bags. Look forward to versatile bag innovations, fresh colours, exciting material mixtures, bag models and bag series that simply make you want more. Whether contemporary backpacks and shoulder bags for business, or likeable shopping bags made from cotton or polyester. There are also entirely new looks: HALFAR® is demonstrating its flair for trends and versatility and strenghtens its position as the leading supplier for promotional bags. 

We are pleased to give you the complete range of bag innovations at a glance. You can find out more about each individual promotional bag in our bag finder - or in our cataloguesLeaf here through the new main catalogue or in our innovations catalogue. We are also happy to send you both of these as hardcover versions.

Promotional Bags For Office And Business

Sneakers or brogues, tablet or folder, racing bike or limousine – why make the choice? Everyone goes in business nowadays. Our promotional bags suit this new freedom. From smart to classic: there is something for everyone.

Trade fairs and events: Experience the promotional bags live

It is the path-breaker for promotional and advertising articles in Europe: the PSI trade fair in Duesseldorf. Of course HALFAR® is also present at this lead trade fair held in January.
As the specialists for promotional bags, HALFAR® also exhibits at a whole series of national and international trade fairs – amongst these some which are only open to a specialist audience. If you as end customer would like to visit us at such a trade fair, please contact us in advance. We are happy to try to make this possible for you.

The New Economy

Notebook backpacks
They make business even more mobile. With casual colours and shapes, they bring a breath of fresh air into the office: The new notebook backpacks.

1 Elegant: Notebook backpack LEAD
2 Classic: Notebook backpack URBAN
3 Cool: Notebook backpack CRAFT

Everything For Office And Business

Promotional Business bags
Now you can get packing: The new business bags have the space for everything you need at work today. You will find the right sizes, designs and functions here.

1 Always the right colour:
2 Always a nice touch:
3 Always a good answer:
4 Always elegant in felt:

Colours and designs: What inspires us?

Promotional bags differ from fashionable bags in many different ways. Naturally, current trends in colour and design continue to be an inspiration for us. Over and above this, however, we always ensure that the basic elements of our bags are the right ones, as these are what make a successful promotional bag.

For example, this includes our selection of materials, designed to make our customers’ logos really stand out. This doesn’t work with all trend materials, and requires careful testing. The same applies for the colours. We like to pick up on current colour trends, but always bear in mind that the colour selection must fit to our customers. Their corporate designs are relevant, and these are frequently not orientated on trends, but rather are timeless and long-lasting. You can find an interesting article on the subject of colours and their effects here.

Covers In Abundance

Office accessories
The new covers protect, cushion and conceal - and simply look great. Whether in felt or PU synthetic leather: Write and be remembered.PU synthetic leather can also be decorated with an embossing.

1 Made of felt:
Felt cover ECO M
2 Including clip:
Clipboard SCRIPT
3 With coloured rubber band:
Conference folder SCRIPT

Promotional Bags For Every Situation

You never know what life will throw at you after all: Be prepared for anything, every day, with these new bags. Some are shiny, some lavish and some light. But all of them are practical companions for every situation in life.

Smarter Shopping

From a huge shop to a little excursion - find the right one here.

1 Happy metal:
BLACK BASKET with a coloured frame
2 Big performance:
OCEAN made of a cotton-jute mix
3 Nice shimmer:
GLAM in gold or silver individualised with an embossing
4 Favourite combination:
OPTION in many colours

Minimalists And Specialist Out And About

Leisure backpacks
How many guidebooks have been written on the subject of "simplicity"? Our tip is the drawstring bag. And for a little more, we recommend our new backpack specialists.

1 Black with accentuation:
Drawstring bag FLASH
2 Big, bigger, function:
Drawstring bag JOIN
3 Colour meets colour:
Drawstring bag PAINT
4 With concealed notebook compartment:
Courier backpack COMPANION

Now Also In Organic Cotton

Cotton bags
We love cotton. This is why we turn it into bags of various shapes and sizes. And now - brand new - using organic cotton.

1 Naturally big:
Shopper ORGANIC made from organic cotton
2 Naturally trendy:
Drawstring bag ORGANIC made from organic cotton
3 Naturally adorable:
Shopper SOUL with coloured stripes
4 Naturally bright:
Drawstring bag EARTH in 4 shades

Bags For Travel
And Experiences

Some people like to travel light; others like to take half of their wardrobe with them. We have something new for everyone at HALFAR®. Be it a single model or a complete bag series.

Bags On Tour

Sport & travel
Light, sporty backpacks for a tour through the city or an excursion. Sporty travel bags and little helpers that don't just keep things together on the road.

1 For little essentials:
Zipper bag SWITCH
2 No such thing as bad weather:
Sport/ travel bag SPLASH made from tarpaulin
3 Sports fan:
Sport/ travel bag STEP
4/5 For big and little:
Backpack STEP L and STEP M
6 Never try to hold up travellers:
Roller bag IMPULSE

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