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New design, functions, colours, and materials

Discover our new promotional bags. Look forward to versatile bag innovations, fresh colours, exciting material mixtures, bag models and bag series that simply make you want more. Whether contemporary backpacks and shoulder bags for business, or likeable shopping bags made from cotton or polyester. There are also entirely new looks: HALFAR® is demonstrating its flair for trends and versatility and strenghtens its position as the leading supplier for promotional bags.

We are pleased to give you the complete range of bag innovations at a glance. You can find out more about each individual promotional bag in our bag finder - or in our catalogues. Leaf here through the new main catalogue or in our innovations catalogue. We are also happy to send you both of these as printed versions.

Mission Innovation

Fascinating functionality for those who adore technology. Futuristic design for fashionable people. Or a cool revamp of a classic. With the HASHTAG and DIAMOND backpacks and the cooling BASKET shopping basket, we reveal that innovation can be everything but one thing: boring!

HASHTAG notebook backpack.

For gamers, IT professionals and everyone who would prefer to be online all the time: the HASHTAG notebook backpack. Feel free to pack in two laptops and a tablet - the padded main compartments offer enough space for all three. The integrated USB connection cable for connecting to your powerbank provides enough power when you’re on the go.

DIAMOND backpack.

Add the final touch to the style: thanks to the colour gradient, the diamond pattern has a particularly vivid appearance. With it, one or even two printed logos look perfect. Since the DIAMOND backpack doesn’t have a front or a reverse side, it can easily be turned according to taste. From which side would you like to present yourself today?

BASKET cool bag and shopper.

Shopping basket + cool bag = a perfect combination. The cooler shopper BASKET keeps its cool when it goes shopping with you, and everything stays nice and fresh in its zippered compartment. In addition, it’s also an ideal picnic companion: simply open the zipper, fold the lid inwards and…: bon appetit!


HALFAR® bags like to help out. They are team players, lightweights, folding artists, talented organisers… and offer practical functions in many different life situations. Discover the sporty TEAM series, the lightweight BREEZE, the foldable SKY and the flexible WORK conference folder.

BREEZE series.

The new lightness as a bag. The sporty BREEZE doesn’t weigh much and is very versatile. Its fabric is water-repellent, while it offers an extremely vibrant choice of colours. Regardless of whether it is used as a backpack, belt bag or sports bag: you can look forward to a fresh breeze.

TEAM series.

When it comes to the disciplines of volume and sportiness, this TEAM is hard to beat. With a huge main compartment, extra bottom compartment and two zipped side pockets, the sports travel bag will even take on a whole set of sport jerseys. And the backpack also inspires with its variety of mesh compartments and extra volume.

SKY series.

This new, heavenly-light and foldable series simplify everyday life – but makes your choice all the harder. Which SKY should it be? The multi-bag, which is optionally used as a backpack or as a carrier bag? The shopper, which always accompanies you during every city trip? The sports/travel bag that opens up nice and widely and is simple to pack? Or the backpack, which is an inspiration as a true all-rounder?

WORK writing case.

I would like my desk to be more beautiful. The WORK writing case is a real treasure for the office and a milestone when it comes to keeping order. The case, in a light grey and black blend, is perfect for meetings and conferences. And, thanks to its elaborate organiser, it perfectly replaces a desk drawer.

Exhibitions and events: Experience promotional bags live

It is the path-breaker for promotional and advertising articles in Europe: the PSI trade fair in Duesseldorf. Of course HALFAR® is also present at this lead trade fair held in January.
As the specialists for promotional bags, HALFAR® also exhibits at a whole series of national and international trade fairs – amongst these some which are only open to a specialist audience. If you as end customer would like to visit us at such a trade fair, please contact us in advance. We are happy to try to make this possible for you.

Colours and designs:
What inspires us?

Promotional bags differ from fashionable bags in many different ways. Naturally, current trends in colour and design continue to be an inspiration for us. Over and above this, however, we always ensure that the basic elements of our bags are the right ones, as these are what make a successful promotional bag.

For example, this includes our selection of materials, designed to make our customers’ logos really stand out. This doesn’t work with all trend materials, and requires careful testing. The same applies for the colours. We like to pick up on current colour trends, but always bear in mind that the colour selection must fit to our customers. Their corporate designs are relevant, and these are frequently not orientated on trends, but rather are timeless and long-lasting.


Do you have a favourite series? If you do, you will be wishing that it could continue for ever. We know the feeling. For this reason, we at HALFAR® have made it our business to continue development of our most popular bag series for you. This year, the BEACH, JOURNEY, URBAN and ELEGANCE are to receive some wonderful offspring. So get comfortable and enjoy the next instalments!

JOURNEY backpack.

Robust cotton in muted colours with beautiful details in suede leatherette and metal - this is the distinguishing feature of all members belonging to the JOURNEY series. The new JOURNEY backpack is no exception. A special feature is its front pocket with zippers on both sides. If you open the two, a jacket can even be slid through loosely.

URBAN notebook bag.

A quiet click and the bag is closed: what you can't hear or see right now is this URBAN notebook bag’s elegant magnetic closure. The photo shows the fascinating material mix of artificial suede leather on the flap and the characteristic blend fabric. A modern business bag par excellence.

BEACH backpack.

You don't need to have a captain's license to love this bag. The striped maritime BEACH backpack, with an OEKOTEX 100 certificate, is also very popular with landlubbers. Its style is based on the classic duffel bag with drawstring. However, it comes with a straight backpack back, making it more comfortable to wear.

ELEGANCE laptop case.

This fine piece is the number ten in the ELEGANCE bag universe. You probably already know the series with the elegant mixture, which combines anthracite blend fabric with pure black. The ELEGANCE laptop case now comes with another highlight: retractable handles that turn the case into a handbag in no time at all.

New products autumn-winter 2018/19

You simply just can’t get enough of some things: Beautiful colours, fine structures, exciting designs, and strong functions. So now we have set the bar even higher at HALFAR® and are proud to present our innovations.

Future of the SUB
(Sports Utility Bag)

STORM series
The STORM whirled through our range as a backpack in 2017. Now it is blowing ano-ther strong, stiff breeze in the form of a sport/travel bag and shoulder bag: Both featuring the characteristic roll-up closure. And all of this in the fascinating sporty-technical design that makes STORM so special.

1 sport/travel bag STORM
2 shoulder bag STORM

This Courier has a clear message: Yours!

KURIER series
Logos and advertising messages certainly come into their own on the large uni-coloured flap. It follows your lead with regard to your favourite colour and offers eight shades to choose from. And the KURIER also proves to be restrained in terms of price, offering a lot for very little. Come and convince yourself!

1 shoulder bag KURIER

All about HALFAR®: Stay comprehensively informed

The HALFAR® brand stands for strong special and promotional bags. In addition to mature products and good services, we are particularly interested in sustainability. As customers, partners or fans of the HALFAR® bags, discover more about the topics that concern us in our Blog: about our company culture, our commitment to sustainability, our creative bag developments and lots more to do with the promotional bags and our company.

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