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Sports bags printed with a logo are very popular, and for one simple reason: never before have we had as much free time as today and never was it filled with so many appointments and activities. It is not only the more than 90,000 sports clubs throughout Germany that bear witness to the level of activity in the country. Their members are joined by the many leisure athletes who go to the gym for a workout or keep fit by swimming, doing yoga or cycling. Tens of thousands of people make their way to gyms and sports grounds every day. All of them are carrying the same thing: a bag. It offers an ideal advertising space with top contact opportunities and an excellent reception. That is why having sports and leisure bags printed with a logo or individually printed drawstring bags and waist bags are an excellent idea for advertising and marketing. Why not combining several models and offering a complete bag series?

For whom is a sports bag a good advertising medium?

Bags are right at the top of the list of the most popular promotional items. As a study conducted on behalf of the ASI showed, bags are always in the top five overall. This means that a printed sports bag can be an ideal promotional item – if the requirements are met and the bag is right for the company, occasion and target group. A sporting promotional bag is ideal…

... for companies in the leisure or sports sector. By their very nature, their customers show a great deal of interest in this topic area.

... for a sport-related company event. Bags that are incorporated into the activity are sure to make a good souvenir.

... for companies or organisations who run incentive programmes, such as for business proposals or customer loyalty.

... as a present for staff that is useful for a broad target group.

... as a merchandising item for sports clubs.

Popularity of promotional products

What is important to note when selecting a bag?

These need to correspond to the bag’s field of use. This especially applies to the size, the number of additional compartments needed and compartments with specific uses, for example: wet compartment, shoe compartment etc.

Corporate design:
The possibilities are almost endless – from bags with a complete design (colour, logo) to conservative bags with only a discreet logo.

Quality and workmanship:
These are particularly important. After all, the bag needs to correspond both to the standards and style of the company and to the expectations of the user. The more in harmony these aspects are, the higher the positive association and customer retention achieved.

Gift situation:
Studies show that users remember the moment they received the promotional item for a long time. That is why it is important to play a part in organising and planning this gift situation. Packaging such as a gift box often has a particularly long-lasting effect here.

Overview of fields of use for sports bags

Here are some practical examples from advertising companies:

Area of use, place



Employee gift

Sports bags correspond with the CI and values system of the company

Use not too specific

Quality matches the company/occasion

Advertising message not over the top, more discreet

Strengthens identification with the company

Employees feel integrated

Positive association with the company beyond the actual use

Rewards system, loyalty programs for employees and customers

See employee gift

Dedication and performance are rewarded

Conference, seminar or congress

Good design and practical use of the sports bag

Adapt Corporate Design to company communication or event

Please note: bag can be used by men and women alike

Attractive design for various target groups

Uniform look for employees

Representative visibility for guests/visitors

Employee product

Optimum adaptation to requirements (sports bags)

Good properties of use

Coherent Corporate-Image

Employee satisfaction with optimum properties of use

Reinforces the connection with the company

Customer gift, Christmas gift, reward for work

Properties match the use profile

Design and features not too unusual

Possibly with packaging

Advertising effect tends to be high

Positive memory of the transfer situation and company

New customer acquisition, customer loyalty

Product can be used in a variety of ways

Identifiable reference to the company and to Corporate Identity

Perceived value corresponds with the value of the customer for the company

Quality, implementation and design match company values

Creates preferences for the company

Merchandising programs

Look of the bag matches the overall concept

Design serves the communication targets

Raises desire

Predominant advertising message, brand name

Unique means of communication, target groups are reached cross-medially

Transfer to private life

Events, sponsoring

The character of the event is reflected

Contents, size, additional compartments to suit the event

Sufficient print area for several sponsors if required

Positive memory of an event, practical companion for documents

Which types of sports bags are there?

Sports bags are as different as the sports for which they are used. More general bags are recommended as advertising media: spacious shoulder bags that can be used in a lot of different situations, from a trip to the gym to a swim. Here we present a few sports and leisure bags that can be printed, along with possible uses.

Bags with sporting functions
For many sports, a team bag that can hold all the necessary equipment, from a tracksuit to a towel, is needed. Special trainers are needed for most sports, so a separate shoe compartment is a good idea in order to keep the other contents of the bag clean.

Gym bags and simple, light shoulder bags
For some activities, all that is needed is a little storage space. It is a good thing if the bag does not have too many functions or weigh too much. Bags without many compartments are ideal as a yoga bag, swimming bag or lightweight leisure bag – it may even be possible to fold them up and take them along as a second bag, like a gym bag or a custom-printed drawstring bag.

Weather-proof bags
The bag needs to be weather-proof for all outdoor sports in particular. Be it a sailing bag or a bag for canoeing, rowing or hiking, materials such as tarpaulin and appropriate fastenings such as roller fastenings make sure that rain doesn’t stop play even in bad weather.

Leisure and day bags
Off to the cinema, visiting friends, on an outing, away for the weekend, at the flea market… a reliable shoulder bag or backpack is ideal for all these things.

Sports bags as club bags or merchandising items

“My club” – members and fans often identify very strongly with their club. Not only in top flight football, for example, but in many other sports and even small local sports clubs. And they like to make this identification public. Sports bags are therefore ideal advertising media with great practical use. A range of bag models can be used for merchandising, depending on the budget and needs of the advertising club.

Cult retro bags
For club anniversaries or as a vintage-look item with lots of character.

Classic sports bags
For fans and members who are involved in sport themselves of who want to use the shoulder bag for travelling and leisure activities, spreading the word.

Sporty backpacks
Ideal every day, for work, school or sport. The choice of backpacks is large – from lightweight, budget-friendly items to premium-quality laptop and business backpacks.

What features can be chosen?

Not all sports bags are the same – there are huge differences in their functions. Here a few of the features on offer:

    • Wet compartment for towels etc.
    • Separate shoe compartment with ventilation
    • Net compartments for bottles etc.
    • Handles, padded and/or with handle sleeve
    • Shoulder strap, adjustable, with non-slip padding
    • Removable organiser for wallet, coins, valuables etc.
    • Lashing straps for compact, space-saving packing
    • Zipped pockets outside and inside
    • Reinforced base, feet and liner base
    • Velcro, buckles for easy opening and closing
    • Mobile phone compartment or removable mobile phone pouch
    • Headphone outlet for MP3 player or smartphone

Workmanship and quality are the key – in every price category

Sports bags are similar to many others: as the customer’s budget grows, so do the options for the quality and features of the bags.

The choice begins with the low-price categories and moves up to bags with more features, such as separate shoe compartments, additional pockets, premium-quality material mixes and metal accessories.

But here, too, HALFAR® sets great store by quality of workmanship and material selection in every bag. The bags in every price category are as sophisticated and high quality as possible.

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