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The perfect plan

Tarpaulin is not just a material. It is the embodiment of durability and cool urban style. This is why tarpaulin is perfect as a material for individual bags. It brings the things that belong on the road back onto the road. And because the tarpaulin bag is a real character in itself, the promotional bag made of tarpaulin is an excellent advertising material. It is a current product with plenty of potential for the successful presentation of companies and brands. And that is a fact. According to an American Study1 by ASI, promotional items carry an advertising message with outstanding range. Promotional bags rank among the top promotional items. Items with good benefits and huge acceptance and popularity in society are therefore particularly appropriate. And these are qualities that certainly apply to tarpaulin bags.

1 ASI Impressions Study 2014

About tarpaulin bags

Three things are required in the development of new bags and bag designs: ideas, innovative spirit and a good dash of courage. These ingredients were taken at the beginning of the 90s to create the first tarpaulin bags as a cool combination of used tarpaulins, bicycle tubes and car seatbelts. These unusual messenger bags initially lived a quiet existence as a niche product before gloriously and consistently taking the fashion world by storm.

Tarpaulin bags – from fashion to advertising bags

Tarpaulin bags are now essential features of the accessory and fashion world. They are available in all conceivable versions: made of used tarpaulin, made of new tarpaulin, as a courier bag, sports bag or wallet etc. The material makes it possible: tarpaulin is extremely strong, watertight and sometimes inflammable. It is actually oversized for bag production – but that is what gives it its charm.

It is not just the function that impresses immediately, the history and emotions behind it won over fans from the very beginning. Ideal for advertising. The path from a fashion to a promotional bag was short. With the LorryBag®, HALFAR® introduced the first promotional tarpaulin bags to the market. Various versions of these original tarpaulin bags can be found in the range today.

Tarpaulin bags as promotional items or advertising material

What makes a successful promotional bag?
 A promotional bag should:

  • create real benefits
  • trigger emotions
  • achieve desire with the material, finish and design
  • be easy to decorate
LorryBag® MODUL 2 #1809110

All of these points apply to tarpaulin bags. This is why they are now essential items in promotional bags. There is hardly any other material used for bags that can be printed as well as decorated as tarpaulin. We primarily recommend silkscreen print and digital print. Almost every motif request can be implemented with these techniques.

Furthermore, labels, metal emblems and embroidery are used to apply the advertisement. Incidentally, HALFAR® only uses new tarpaulin - unless you provide your own used material.

Which tarpaulin bags does HALFAR® offer?

HALFAR® has the right tarpaulin bag in the range, as a single item or series, for almost any occasion, target group and request for freedom of design, finishing and delivery date:

Matt tarpaulin or material mixes

Matt tarpaulin:
due to the fact that truck tarpaulin has become increasingly popular in the past years, we have developed our range further. Matt tarpaulin has particularly been used in fashion bags in recent times. These are reminiscent of leather and have a more conservative appearance - also perfect for business bags.

Material mix:
truck tarpaulin can be combined perfectly with other materials. Our various examples show you how.

Which LorryBag® for which purpose?

LorryBags® have been bestsellers for decades. Our tarpaulin courier bags have become a brand in themselves and as promotional items they are certainly the most important tarpaulin bags in the range. We generally differentiate between three product families of the classic LorryBag®:

LorryBag® ECO.

It is offered as a stock item in two variations: as a LorryBag® ECO (equivalent to LorryBag® Original 1) and as a LorryBag® ECO 2 (the counterpart to LorryBag® Original 2). Depending on the variation, these less expensive eco tarpaulin bags are available in different pre-defined colours and formats.

Your advantage: without decoration, the LorryBag® ECO can be delivered within one day as a stock item. We recommend using the classic silkscreen print to apply the advertisement, which is possible in pre-selected sizes for this stocked bag. Digital prints can only be implemented in the form of a digital label with these finished bags. The minimum quantity for a bag order is 50 pieces.

We can implement individual colours, shapes and sizes for tarpaulins, after approval, from a quantity of approx. 1,000 units upwards. The same applies to special sizes, special requests and a direct import from Asia as well as other changes. Please take specific information on availability from stock as well as costs for items, print application and any initial costs from our shop or simply give us a call.

LorryBag® Original.

The classic made of new German tarpaulin and European production. The LorryBag® design comes very close to the original concept of truck tarpaulin.

In contrast to the stocked version, we produce this model LorryBag® Original to be a completely individual and unique bag on customer request. The item is produced in Europe and original German truck tarpaulin is used as a material. We keep these tarpaulins as new material for production in many Pantone colours. The advantage is that the colours are precisely defined in the Pantone System and can therefore be perfectly coordinated to a logo and Corporate Design. The individual colours have a number code. The tones we used for the LorryBag® Original extend from light shades to deep, dark reds, from white and grey shades to yellow, orange, red, pink, green, brown and black. Take a look at the available tarpaulin colours!

Colours of the LorryBag® Original

You can freely configure the LorryBag® Original on the basis of our cutting pattern. You can also choose the size yourself.

Sizes of the LorryBag® Original

Decoration possibilities
Another advantage of this bag type: its extensive decoration possibilities. Due to the fact that bag decoration takes place before actual production, there are an infinite number of options to design the bag even more individually:

LorryBag® Original 2 #1109109

Digital print (picture print)

LorryBag® ECO #1802814

Combination of both techniques
combined with metal emblems or embroidery.

Flap materials

Alternative materials such as felt, used tarpaulin or banners etc: we can also combine truck tarpaulin with other materials because the LorryBag® Original is a production item made to customer request. Alongside polyester (FlapBags), we also offer materials such as felt or synthetic as standard.

LorryBag® Original 1 and 2
By the way: there has been a difference between the LorryBag® Original 1 and 2 since 2013. The new Original 2 is a further design development and especially differs in the inside materials (polyester),

side-release buckles, straps, cutting pattern and standard laptop compartment. We also offer a movable laptop compartment for flexible extension of the bag for all other LorryBags® on request.

LorryBag® MODUL.

Tarpaulin bags from the building kit. We have been offering our customers this combination of LorryBag® ECO (stock item) and LorryBag® Original from European production for several years now: the LorryBag® MODUL.

The body of the LorryBag® MODUL 1 is pre-manufactured in Asia in the colours white, silver, matt black and shiny black. The Asian truck tarpaulin differs slightly from the European one. We therefore recommend that you check the look/feel of a sample. The inner design corresponds with that of the LorryBag® ECO. We use original German truck

tarpaulin for the flap in the well-known 43 colours of the LorryBag® Original. This means that you, as the customer, enjoy the design freedom of the LorryBag® Original with respect to the flap: the material can be selected individually but almost all decoration possibilities are available to choose from. What about the price? It is in the middle!

LorryBag® Modul

Is a LorryBag® ECO, Original or MODUL better? The advantages

Advantages of the LorryBag® ECO
    • Cost-effective
    • With customer logo in approx. 2 – 4 weeks
    • Available directly from stock
    • Immediate quality sample in the customer's chosen colour
Advantages of the LorryBag® Original
    • More than 39 material colours can be freely combined
    • Larger print area
    • Individual organisation optional
    • Production in Europe
    • Particularly attractive feel
    • Little wrinkling during transport/folding
Advantages of the LorryBag® MODUL
    • Modular bag with many options to choose from
    • Pre-manufactured body made of Asian tarpaulin in 4 colours (produced in Asia)
    • Flap made of original German truck tarpaulins in 43 colours (European production)
    • Flexible print application including from edge to edge
    • Optional binding colour
    • Delivery time 4 – 6 weeks

More emotion thanks to used materials

Used truck tarpaulin made a big contribution towards the legend of the tarpaulin bag. At HALFAR® we also offer customers the opportunity to "recycle" their own materials from the company or production as a bag - and not only tarpaulins.

These materials do however have to be able to be sewn and possible to process. Please contact us in case of any doubt.

We will take over cleaning and cutting. The following has been tried and tested for bags made of your own used materials:

    • Used advertising banners
    • Flag materials
    • Textiles such as denim
    • Seat materials
    • Roofing film
    • Etc.

Where are LorryBags® produced?

HALFAR® arranges for stock range items such as the LorryBag® ECO to be produced in Asia. We strictly choose our production sites with consideration of aspects such as social fairness as well as clean production and use of materials. Certificates such as the amfori BSCI are confirmation.

Possible European production countries (LorryBag® Original, LorryBag® MODUL) are the Czech Republic and Romania. We have very good production partnerships in these countries.

Tarpaulin bags from HALFAR®

Quality and service from the Bielefeld bag creators
Our company film reveals what makes Tarpaulin bags from HALFAR® so special.

Your Tarpaulin bags - from production to delivery

Here you can find information on the entire process from development and production through to delivery of your Tarpaulin bags :

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