Custom printed tote bags as promotional item

Individualise your own carry bag

With an estimated annual turnover of around 3.5 billion EUR in Germany, promotional items such as individually printed tote bags lead the way in communication media. As studies prove, promotional items offer huge advantages over some kinds of classic media. The haptic element of custom printed bags, writing instruments, notebooks and other items is particularly relevant. Studies from the field of neuroscience prove that promotional items score high points in recollection value. The reason: the haptic experience associated with the promotional item helps the brain remember the advertising message for longer.

Promotional totes occupy the top spots within various product categories in terms of effectiveness and popularity. And there are good reasons why:

  • Prominent print area
  • High benefits for the target group
  • High perception of value
  • Flexible use
  • Long period of use with the corresponding qualities
  • Original advert application options

Alongside shoulder bags, backpacks and personalized sports bags, individual totes are some of the most popular promotional bags. The main reason is probably the flexible use of these bags. Printed bags are used by many companies in promotional planning as exhibition bags, beach bags, shopping bags or as gift bags.

Personalisation of promotional tote bags

Whether promotional bags are decorated over a large area, subtly, colourfully or modestly, depends on the strategy of the advertiser. The place of use or the Corporate Design is also decisive. HALFAR® can offer an all-round carefree package. All of the standard print application technologies are available at the Bielefeld site. This means that interested buyers are able to choose between classic silkscreen printing, embroidery, digital print, various labels and other techniques. Visualisations make sure the decision is right before making the purchase.

Totes in high volumes

HALFAR® offers standard designs from a generously sized range, which customers can personalise to suit their own ideas, starting from a quantity of 50 bags. The range of promotional carry bags is extended year on year and includes designs, materials, sizes and colours that leave nothing to be desired. Depending on the stock level, orders for several thousand bags are possible within a short time frame. There is also the option of individual customer imports for very high volume orders. Colours, shapes, materials or sizes are all possible without difficulty, to suit customer requirements. HALFAR® particularly covers the need for low cost shoppers and shopping bags with the use of cost-effective, yet high quality materials such as non-wovens or PP-string.

Promo tote bags for advertising from the manufacturer

As a developer, manufacturer, importer, refiner and logistics partner, HALFAR® is the right choice for individual promotional bags and backpacks as well as technical bags for special assignments - and has been for more than 30 years. On the premises in Germany, more than 100 employees work on redefining the bag for its customers every single day. The classic promotional items retail business is the sales partner for promotional bags. Any interested end consumers receive extensive advice and are taken care of by a highly qualified team.

High quality and good working conditions

HALFAR® is confident of the product quality and offers customers a 3 year guarantee on the proper finish and choice of material. The Bielefeld bag experts are committed to the achievement of sustainable advertising success in association with positive recollection of the company and brands. HALFAR® has been a member of the amfori BSCI for many years and, with this measure, makes a significant contribution towards the products on offer being produced under good working conditions in Asian production countries. European production can also be offered to any customers interested in this service.

Here are some examples of bags with an individual logo design from the HALFAR® range:

1 // Shopping tote bag COMBINATION

Are you thinking about actively doing something for the environment? Plastic bags should be banned from your company? Then the Shopper COMBINATION is a sustainable choice. Furthermore, it combines two aspects: the bag can be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack!

2 // Tote bag SOLUTION

This classic advertising tote bag combines a high quality, streamlined design with the best comfort, an extensive range of colours and a highly durable polyester material.

3 // Shopping tote bag BONNY

This beautiful carry bag also works well as a beach or swim bag. A modern look in combination with high quality materials, also available in various colours.

4 // Shopping tote bag NewClassic

If you are searching for warm materials for your advert, felt is certainly an alternative! The Tote Bag NewClassic made of synthetic felt impresses with its attractive look, high quality and its unique decoration possibilities, by means of embroidery.

5 // Tote bag OVERSIZE

The name says it all. Due to its size, this bag (which is made of high quality rip stop Nylon) can be used multi-functionally. Not only as a bag, exhibition bag or shopper, but also as a weekend bag that can be folded right down.

6 // Cooler tote bag FROSTY

This cooler tote bag is just the right choice for a cool time! Featuring a large main compartment with cooler function, it can be used for food shopping and also as a picnic bag. Available in various colours.

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