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Advertising on tour

Germans love to travel, and are doing so more and more all the time. In a survey1 almost half of Germans said that they would like to pack their suitcase at least once a year. Just one reason why printed travel bags are a very popular promotional item with users and recipients. They are always with us at the happiest times of the year: on holiday, during the train or plane journey, or on a short excursion. Each part fulfils its own purpose – from wheeled suitcases to clothes bags, from shoulder bags to cool bags with your individual company logo or printed bum bags. They keep all the important things together during a trip, make travel more convenient thanks to their easy handling, add excitement to a day of travel with their design and bring order to luggage. And with a professional printed logo, the travel bags become an efficient mobile advertising medium almost as an afterthought.


How travel bags work as advertising

Bags occupy the top spots as promotional items in almost all countries in the promotional items ranking. This is impressively shown by the Advertising Specialties Impressions Study by ASI from 2014.

Chart on the popularity of promotional items

Another study on the effect of promotional items, carried out on behalf of GWW (General Association of Promotional Items Business) in 2012, shows how perfectly promotional items can work. Especially if they

  • present a clear benefit to the user
  • fulfil a certain purpose
  • convey an adequate advertising message

Printed travel bags as promotional items – advantages for you

Set of travelling bags

The advantage of travel bags as promotional items is their obvious usefulness. Everyone knows bags like this and has one with them every time they travel – be it on holiday or a business trip.

As a product, a travel bag triggers desires and appeals to a wide target audience. In addition, it is often used for a long time. Depending on the type of bag and trip, it may even be used and carried many times a day during the trip. Contact with the promotional message is high.

Travel bags are available in a range of price categories and styles – another reason why they can be used for so many different advertising situations. The recipient may have taken part in an incentive that has something to do with travel. Or a company might provide its staff with company equipment for business trips. Or a tourism company might use them for a promotion or as a bonus. You can find more on these possible situations and uses in the table lower down.

What are the different types of bag?

sports / travel bag CRAFT #1814006

Travel bags

without complex additional compartments, material mix etc. (budget item)

sport / travel bag SPORT #1801676


of travel and sport bags with versatile uses

roller bag IMPULSE #1813347

Roller travel bags

with telescopic handle

business trolley MISSION #1812215


Trolleys, with wheels, reinforced, with notebook compartments or organiser

shoe bag SOLUTION #1814007

Travel accessory

Shoe bag for transport and protection

Travelling bags as a set

Bag sets

as part of a full bag family

wash bag SPORT #1802719

Wash bags

Wheeled suitcases and travel bags for advertising

Luggage used to be carried but nowadays it is rolled. Trolleys and roller travel bags promise better travel convenience and are enjoying growing popularity.


Due to the fact that they are available in different sizes - from a compact, little trolley as weekend luggage or a mobile office to travel trolleys for vacation – they are seen everywhere. At train stations and airports as well as on local transport in buses and trams. Their advantages are the presence, their long periods of use, their benefits for various target groups and their large print area.

Travel accessories – useful little companions when on the move

As well as spacious suitcases, practical wheeled suitcases and travel bags, these little accessories are a must for any trip.

Wash bags

Be it a classic toiletries case, a simple wash bag made from transparent material or a toilet bag that hangs up – the choice of helpful little companions for the bathroom is wide. They carry cosmetics and toiletries and present a brand or company through a promotional logo print. Also ideal for use at the point of sale, as an add-on for sales promotion campaigns or as a competition prize.

Clothes bags as a bonus for business customers

Just like other travel bags, a clothes bag is also an extremely useful item for daily use. It is especially suitable as a bonus for business customers, who often travel with suits and smart clothes in their luggage and need their shirts or blouses to be crease-free when they arrive. The clothes bag does all this, and has various useful properties as an advertising medium, too.

While a toiletries bag, for example, is more of an intimate accessory that is hidden away in a wheeled suitcase or bag, the clothes bag is seen by a wider audience, giving it a stronger presence. After all, the case that transports dresses, suits and other smart clothes is carried openly, in full view. Be it at airport check-in or in the hotel lobby, the large clothes bags are very noticeable and thus give the promotional print a big impact. The range of a promotional message printed on a clothes bag is therefore very large.

Which travel bag for which occasion?

Area of use, place



Employee gift

Trolleys and roller travel bags should be branded subversively

The product quality should correspond with the appreciation for employees

Attention should be paid to different tastes and methods of use

Sense of belonging to the company is strengthened

Employee reward

Positive effect - also on people outside of the company

Premium system for customers and/or employees

See Employee gift

Reward, appreciation of work

Conference, seminar or congress

Products should offer enough space based on the duration of the event

Any documents to be carried should fit inside

Subversive advertising message is possible

Uniform appearance for employees, participants

Use of trolleys or roller travel bags after the event

Likeability factor for the event

Employee equipment

The product must address the employees and its use must work

Employees must like the trolleys and roller travel bags

The quality must be appropriate to the use

The advertising message should not have a disturbing effect

Uniform appearance, homogeneous use

Customer gift, Christmas gift, reward for certain performances

Use properties as specific to the target group as possible - knowledge of person, preferences, taste, use and hobbies

Appreciation, positive memory, lasting advertising effect

New customer acquisition, customer loyalty

When choosing the product, please note that the possible persons have different genders, different tastes and may use the product in different ways - so no experiments with design and features!

A clear, strategic and content relationship to general communication and values

The value of features must correspond with the importance of the customer,

The appearance of the print application must match the situation and brand statement (also applies to the other points)

Positive surprise, customer loyalty

Long lasting advertisement

Merchandising programs

Quality, design and branding must be based on the merchandising strategy

The trolleys and roller travel bags must correspond with the uses expected by customers/fans with respect to the contents and programs

Good advertising and likeability values for the company, club or event

Increase of awareness in other areas

Good quality and innovative design creates a 'I want one too' effect

Trade fair, exhibition

Must be convenient to use

The size must correspond with the duration of the event

Branding should be considered

High benefits for employees or customers

Good additional advertising effect

A 'team feeling' among employees

Events and sponsoring

Appropriate to the occasion, event or company.

Enough storage space

Sufficient print area if several sponsors are represented

Positive reminder of the event,

Practical companion

Advertising effect after the event

From a bag to a promotional bag


A promotional item always combines two aspects: the actual product and the print application. To provide a vivid description - the item is the stage to show the advertising message.

This is why HALFAR® always considers two aspects: first of all, we make sure that optimum print application is possible when we design a bag. We always critically check the material properties, the material thickness and the cut in order to create the best prerequisites and enough space for decoration. Secondly, we provide the right application

technique for all types of advertising messages and materials. HALFAR® has developed into a specialist over the past years. Alongside classic silkscreen print, embroidery, transfer and digital print, we also offer an entire of additional decoration possibilities. Here you can find more information about them.

Trigger positive emotions

When the advertising message and item combined perfectly, they can trigger the positive emotions you are looking for. There is no secret recipe, but there are some guides:

    • Promotional items must always be optimally and fully integrated in advertising strategies.
    • If they are used as a supplement to a print campaign, the appearance should be derived or adapted accordingly.
    • If it is a merchandising item, the logo and CI are the main focus and should therefore be predominantly displayed.
    • If customers receive an elegant sports bag as a gift, it is advisable to keep the print application more subtle and subversive.
    • If it is an iconic brand, with which you could even score points in the fashion stakes, or if it is a retro brand, it can be made particularly striking.

HALFAR® will assist you with your concept in implementation, whatever the task.

It’s all about the workmanship, features and material

The subject of quality has various facets in travel accessories or wash bags used as promotional items.

It is about the finish and material quality of the actual bag for one. They should correspond with the values of the advertiser and also support the practical uses of the product - and for as long as possible. After all, a promotional item offers excellent results in terms of range and contact rate when it is used over a longer

period of time. Furthermore, the quality of the product is also expressed by how suitable it is for use as a promotional item. Can it be decorated accordingly and adapted to companies and target groups? Only then will it fulfil its purpose.

The functions and features travel bags can offer:

    • Wheeled suitcases with smooth-running wheels and telescopic handle
    • Holder for smaller bags allows them to be transported easily on top of a wheeled suitcase
    • Zipped main compartment with wide opening
    • Separate shoe or wet compartment
    • Padded inner pocket for laptops etc.
    • Handle padded and/or fastened together with Velcro handle sleeve
    • Adjustable, removable shoulder strap with non-slip padding
    • Address label
    • Mobile phone compartment or removable mobile phone pouch
    • Headphone outlet
    • Padded back
    • Reinforced base with feet
    • Liner base for greater stability
    • Velcro fastening, buckles
    • Zipped pockets for valuables outside and inside
    • Net compartments for bottles, travel accessories etc.
    • Organiser for stationary, cards and more

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