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Working together for the environment

How can we use energy and water more sparingly? How do we reduce waste? Where can we use materials more efficiently? And where are there synergies with other local companies? HALFAR® is finding answers to these questions as a member of the Ökoprofit-Netz NRW. This initiative has taken up the cause of improving the eco-balance. In doing so, it relies on the cooperation of companies, communities and experts in developing practical solutions. Initial successes for using resources more sparingly and working in line with the environment can already be seen. For example, HALFAR® was able to make its contribution to protecting the environment and to improve its eco-balance in the very first year with energy savings, reduced water consumption and a more efficient utilisation of energy in general. The foundation for this was laid a long time ago: Since it was founded, the HALFAR® premises on Ludwig-Erhard-Allee has been sourcing heat from a modern pellet heater, and producing part of the electricity that we consume via a photovoltaic plant.

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