Rucksack DIAMOND von HALFAR®

HAPTICA® live with the Promotional Gift Award 2019

The time had come again, and the HAPTICA® live opened its doors on 19th and 20th March 2019. The motto of this year’s event was “Look & Feel” and accordingly, there was plenty to see and touch. 198 exhibitors at the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB) presented innovations, bestsellers and highlights from their programs, impressing the 1,840 visitors to the event. A large number of visitors from marketing, purchasing, agencies and the promotional products trade were fascinated by the possibilities and a further in the quality of haptic advertising material.

This was also helped by the fact that, for the first time, the 44 winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2019, the Oscar amongst advertising prizes, were not presented in showcases but in an open presentation form.

17 years of award tradition

193 advertising media submissions in 7 categories

7 qualified jury members

44 winners

This form of presentation enabled visitors not only to look at the winning products, but to try them out and to grasp them in the truest sense of the word. In this way, they were able to get a full idea of what had encouraged the jury to choose the product and the extraordinary things about haptic advertising.

The DIAMOND backpack by HALFAR® was also able to capture both the jury and the audience this year.

DIAMOND – impresses across the board

The innovative shape of the drawstring bag impresses with lightness and dynamism, is PVC-free and offers a huge range of possibilities for one or more individual decorations. Its shape makes it possible to carry the backpack on both sides, so that both the front and the back have space for an advertising message.

As a stock item, it displays cutting-edge diamond decor, which can be customised with screen printing, embroidery, metal emblem and transfer printing, amongst others.

The DIAMOND's material is PVC free.

HALFAR®’s backpack DIAMOND isn’t only stylish, but also satisfies with its PVC free material.


Individual custom-made products can be realised as a unique bag with an all-over decor. The generosity of the available space makes these designs particularly effective.

In this way, the backpack can be designed completely individually, with or without diamond decor.

With its functional features, it offers a high usage and identification value for the user, making it a real alternative to plastic bags & co.

HALFAR®'s backpack DIAMOND

Theresa says: “My DIAMOND is always with me. Whether at festivals, while shopping or on a city trip. Everything fits inside and it looks stylish.”

The DIAMOND’s special characteristics

capacity of 12 litres

suitable for A4 documents and catalogues

large, lenght-adjustable straps

separate zipper pouch

soft, foldable, robuts, durable and PVC free material

Sustainably produced?

With all the advantages, the question remains: How was the product made? The DIAMOND backpacks, just like all other HALFAR® bags, are all manufactured in compliance with the ILO core labour standard. This ensures that production is assured from a social point of view. The agreement includes the exclusion of child labour and forced labour for example, and gives workers the right to undertake collective bargaining; a guarantee of adequate wages. The fact that the agreements are not only valid on paper, but also complied with, i.e. that the working conditions and quality of the product are right, is guaranteed by HALFAR® via local employees, audits and regular inspections.

The constituent parts also impress. The material of the DIAMOND is durable, marketable and safe to use and does not require the use of PVC and the associated plasticizers. The constituent parts of the materials used are tested by independent institutes; something we guarantee through our “tested materials” label.

Are you interested in our way of doing business sustainably? Then read more in our Sustainability report.

The HALFAR® team at the PSI 2019

PSI 2019 – Review and preview for the new year

The PSI is over – it’s a good opportunity to look at what the new year has in store for our HALFAR® bag fans, and to look at the impressions made at the trade fair.

This is what it sounds like in numbers:

17,602 distributors of promotional materials, agencies and industry customers were at the exhibition halls in Düsseldorf for three days, checking out the new products on the promotional materials market at this year’s PSI. Over 1,000 exhibitors presented their innovations and top items. More than half of the exhibitors came from abroad. A total of 38 nations were represented.

One of the highlights again this year: the hourly fashion shows. The models also presented HALFAR® bags, fashion from James & Nicholson® and caps from MyrtleBeach®. The strong assortment was impressive, displaying its full effect through the interplay of articles, while offering customers a range of possibilities for the presentation of their brands.

Visitors  could also take a close look and get a feel for what profession and passion for “in product” promotional materials looks like at the CHOICE sisters Daiber, FARE®, mbw®, SND and HALFAR® stands (Karlowsky® was not represented at the trade fair this year). “Connecting passion” was the motto that brought together what belongs together, once again with the opportunity to “come together” this year in the CHOICE lounge.

The CHOICE Lounge at the PSI 2019

Visitors at the PSI get a tasty snack in the comfortable atmosphere of the CHOICE lounge while talking about new products with their customer advisors.

Innovation, function, trend and product series: these were the four major HALFAR® themes this year at the PSI 2019 in Düsseldorf.

There was quite a lot to admire: In addition to the 12 new products that were released in Summer 2018, 28 new bags were also introduced. There is definitely something for everyone!

In addition, a HUGE highlight skilfully complemented the trade fair impression.

Oversized backpack STEP at the PSI 2019

HALFAR®‘s HUGE surprise at the PSI 2019: visitors were fascinated by the oversized STEP backpack with Polaroids from our “HALFAR® around the world” category.

New products and bestsellers

PSI visitors admired HALFAR® promotional bags on 13 shelves, which gave them a great overview. In addition to the 40 new models, there were also numerous bestsellers on display, including bags from the Business, Outdoors and Sustainable categories. Each one is embellished individually with a logo.

This way the trade visitors once again were assured that HALFAR® promotional bags not only look great with functional design, they are also perfectly geared towards customer needs.

The possibilities and services revolving around promotional labelling were also examined closely on site on the living object and discussed with colleagues.


“Innovations are in our blood” and “good solutions, too”. The reactions to our new items proved that these aren’t just empty phrases. With its qualities, the DIAMOND backpack was the first to impress the jury of the Promotional Gift Awards, thereby causing a stir amongst customers. A real eye-catcher with its distinct diamond design, this custom-made answer to the needs of promotional material distributors has a young and modern appearance.


The DIAMOND backpack is a real winner. Not only did it impress the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2019, but the trade fair visitors as well.

The HASHTAG notebook backpack also made eyes sparkle with the “I want that too effect”. Technologically-adept customers in particular were thrilled by the many functions and innovative appearance. Equipped with lots of (hidden) pockets for laptop and tablet, it also provides enough space for all the other items. A special highlight: a built-in cable that can be used to connect a powerbank to a mobile phone. A colour matching zipper is the finishing touch that skilfully complements this innovation!

Notebook backpack HASHTAG by HALFAR®

Technology-enthusiasts were thrilled by the notebook backpack HASHTAG made by HALFAR®.

The BASKET cool-shopper, developed from our reliable BASKET shopper, fascinates with its new cooling function and optimised features. It makes shopping really fun!

Cool shopper BASKET by HALFAR®

The BASKET shopper makes shopping even more fun.


Everyone knows that a bag can’t just look good – it also has to serve its purpose. And when this purpose is something special, the bag has to match that too. That’s why we added the TEAM, BREEZE and SKY series, as well as the WORK writing case to our portfolio. These bags impress with their absolute functionality  – and look absolutely stylish.

See what visitors were excited about:



Those with a good sense for new trends and an eye for good design, were thrilled by our six new items in the Trend category. Any trendsetter is happy to be seen with the new COMMUNITY PU-series, the colourful backpack series FLOW and FRESH, plus the trendy LOFT shoulder bag and new cotton items.



Additions to the family

Good things can keep growing and win points as a collection. Our URBAN, JOURNEY, ELEGANCE and BEACH series now all have additional family members. A warm welcome to the 2019 assortment of bags:


Personal and in colour

Every year at the PSI, it is exciting to meet your telephone contact partner in person or to meet them again after a long time. That’s why our employees are there on site, to offer consulting and present our new items and bestsellers. Exciting conversations are had, contacts are made, while knowledge and experiences are exchanged. We were excited about everyone who made their way to our stand at the PSI again this year.

We will be at the PSI again next year, to introduce our newest bags.

In the following slideshow you can have a look at some more impressions from the fair:


WELCOME HOME 2018 – Welcome at Halfar!

“Welcome home!” is probably the most common phrase found on doormats all over the country.

On 5th December 2018, we had the chance to welcome you to Halfar, when WELCOME HOME called at Halfar once again! Just like last year, you were able to gain an overview of the new innovations for the 9th time. In the usual friendly atmosphere and together with the promotional item specialists FARE, REFLECTS (formerly LM), Geiger-Notes, uma, koziol, mbw, Halfar, Daiber and JUNG Bonbonfabrik, exhibitors and visitors discussed the latest events in the advertising world, took a closer look at the innovations and maintained contacts.

Refreshments were also provided in the form of a hearty lunch of “Grünkohl” and “Kohlwurst” (a kale and sausage dish), salad and dessert. Regional specialities sure to please everyone.

Hourly tours of our company and the various decoration departments gave the guests an insight into our day-to-day work.

Here we present a brief overview of the promotional item experts’ innovations and highlights.

Das rote WELCOME HOME Sofa zu Gast bei Halfar

Refreshing bag novelties – HALFAR®

For the first time, this year we presented a second collection with twelve new bags in the middle of the year. With another 28 amazing innovations being launched in the New Year, we will start 2019 with no fewer than 40 new arrivals! The innovations were available to admire in the Innovation, Function, Style and Product Series areas.


28 new bags, backpacks, shoppers, sports bags and travel bags will be added to the HALFAR® collection in the New Year. Every one of them has its own unique charm. As well as new members of the ORGANIC, JOURNEY, URBAN and ELEGANCE families, there are plenty of totally new innovations, such as the BASKET cooler shopper, in which your shopping stays cold all the way from the supermarket to your fridge. Or how about the new water-repellent and super-lightweight BREEZE series, whose design is truly impressive. The gamers among you will enjoy the HASHTAG laptop backpack. Enjoy these and many more bags next year!

What else was there to see?

All other promotional item partners also presented their innovations to retailers at WELCOME HOME. The focus here was on sustainability, innovations and colour diversity.

Colourful diversity of umbrellas

Umbrella manufacturer FARE put its spotlight on sustainable products and has developed a large number of innovations for the New Year. Alongside a range of sustainable bags (with bamboo handles), they also set great store by safety. Partially or fully reflective umbrellas protect the user against more than just rain, especially on dark winter evenings. A newly-developed pocket umbrella weighing just 95 grams is the final innovation.

Writing instruments in trendy colours – uma

Colourful! A term that definitely describes the selection of writing utensils from uma. There are ballpoint pens and highlighters in new designs and lots of trend colours. Something for everyone!

Stuffed anmials and rubber duckies – mbw®

mbw® – the promotional item expert for soft toys and rubber ducks – has some exciting innovations once again this year. The duck range has been added to, “Bert” equipped with more professions and the series of cute “Schmoozies” expanded. The new soft toy tools are a particular highlight. All products are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and impress throughout.


Sweet and sour – JUNG Bonbonfabrik

The experts for promotional confectionery also presented some innovative new products. Both sweet and sour, JUNG Bonbonfabrik showcased the options for personalisation with a logo. Creative packaging for every occasion!

Innovative notebooks and calendars – Geiger-Notes

Geiger-Notes also placed its focus on a natural look and presented various innovations in this field. A very special option: the wood-look pocket diary. Writing fans were also immediately impressed with other printed promotional items such as calendars, notebooks and notepads.

Merchandise for use at home or on the road – REFLECTS

At REFLECTS (formerly LM), you will find numerous new merchandising items for at home and on the go, for work or leisure. A brand new addition: a customisable watch collection with numerous options for adapting the watch perfectly to a logo. A range of shapes and colours create a personalisable highlight!

Household Products in innovative ways – koziol

koziol impresses with innovations once again, this time with some great innovative shapes! Be it new cups, colourful spoons or any number of other personalisable products for the home, koziol always stands out! One thing remains an indisputable focus: reusable cups. Sustainability is here to stay as one of the most important topics in promotional item retail!

Trendy clothes and accessories – Daiber

With lots of colours and new designs, Daiber presented its innovations for the New Year with its Myrtle Beach and James & Nicholson brands. Both men and women are sure to find the perfect fit here – with ideal options for decoration with a customer logo. From sport and leisurewear to smart men’s and women’s shirts for the office and trendy accessories like hats and caps.

Our short video gives you an overview of the new innovations.


Our summary

This year’s WELCOME HOME tour can be summed up with: colourful, ingenious and sustainable innovations! We were delighted with everyone that came to visit and will hopefully do the same next year! Anyone who missed the chance to admire the innovations on the tour is welcome to visit us at PSI in Düsseldorf from 8th to 10th January 2019. We will be showcasing both innovations and some of our classics. Look forward to a great trade fair with informative discussions and insights into our range.

CHOICE press brunch 2018: “Connecting Passion”

“The sky is no limit!”

The six sisters of the CHOICE family – Daiber, Fare, Halfar, Karlowsky, mbw and SND – sent out invitations to the press brunch once again this year. Almost traditionally now, this event takes place every year in November, where the six sisters exhibit their innovations for the coming year and present them in detail. Selected guests were able to admire the innovations and in an exceptional setting: The press brunch took place this year under the motto “Connecting Passion – the sky is no limit!” in Rottweil in Baden-Württemberg, high up in the thyssenkrupp test tower. On the 27th floor of the 246 m high building, the magnificent view over the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb could be enjoyed as well as the innovations.

CHOICE press brunch 2019 at the Thyssen Krupp testing tower in Rottweil

The press brunch took place high up this year. © thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Around 50 guests found their way to the event at a dizzying height this year. Each of the six sisters was able to present their innovations in detail and with the respective know-how of the specialists. Intensive communication took place in this atmosphere. And when you look at the selection of new products, anticipation is even higher for the new year: New and sustainable cup shapes, partner umbrellas, bag innovations, organic cotton socks, Schmoozies® in tool form or cooking aprons made of leather.


As already announced here, the WELCOME HOME Tour will take place at the beginning of December. The companies FARE, REFLECTS (formerly LM), Geiger-Notes, uma, koziol, mbw, Halfar, Daiber and JUNG Bonbonfabrik will be introducing their new products and will be our guests in Bielefeld here at HALFAR® on 5th December, 2018.

The red WELCOME HOME sofa

Who walks camouflaged through sun or when the wind blows wild…

“Who walks camouflaged through sun or when the wind blows wild?
Is it an update,
or HALFAR®’s latest child”?!
(Derived from Goethe’s “Erlkönig” Ballad)

Has anyone spotted it already, the new Erlkönig prototype by HALFAR®? Wandering through Bielefeld with its typical Erlkönig prototype pattern, it is being tested to the core in everyday situations. Now it has apparently been seen by some attentive fans.

Gotcha: The Erlkönig during testing

Gotcha: The Erlkönig during testing

In addition to the design, prototype construction and laboratory tests on our bags, we also test ourselves. So that no-one can recognise the specific bag design prior to publication, we create these innovations as so-called Erlkönig bags. And we test these bags to the maximum: through everyday use. This means: only the approximate shape of the bag is recognisable. Neither the complete functionality nor the materials or colours can be seen. The idea originates from the automotive industry, where this conspicuous and simultaneously “Erlkönig” camouflage look is frequently used so as not to reveal too much information during test drives with new cars.

But we will say this much: the innovations for 2019 will also knock your socks off!

And that is why it will soon be that time of year again…

The PSI trade fair 2019

The year is drawing to a close, and the PSI is pending. This is your first opportunity to have a look at our innovations in person. The PSI will commence in Duesseldorf in January 2019, and we cordially invite you to undertake an exclusive inspection of our innovations for the new year.

It is also well worth visiting the HALFAR® stand again: new innovations, fresh trends, series extensions and bags with great functions expect you! All in all, an abundance of innovations.

Get to know the HALFAR® Team in person and receive advice on our innovations. Naturally we have again also catered for your physical well-being in terms of refreshments.

Look forward to this years’ innovations! We are looking forward to seeing you! Register now for the PSI Show!