HALFAR® at the city cycling 2020 in Bielefeld

HALFAR® at the city cycling 2020 in Bielefeld

Also this year the Team HALFAR® was part of the city cycling 2020 in Bielefeld. From May 30th to June 19th more than 3400 cyclists from 340 teams have been cycling diligently and have collected kilometers for their respective team. Now the campaign is over and the result is a remarkable number: 635,183 km were covered and 93 tons of CO2 were saved.

This year, the HALFAR® team consisted of 24 colleagues. Together they covered a distance of 5648 km and saved 830 kg of CO2. That makes us quite proud!

Already since 2017, we at HALFAR® have been promoting the bicycle culture among employees and enable our employees to jointly lease a job bike. In cooperation with the company of the same name, we would like to reduce car traffic on the streets and do something good for the environment.

HALFAR® at the city cycling 2020 in Bielefeld

Halfar unterstützt die Bielefelder Tafel

Halfar supports the food bank (“Tafel”) in Bielefeld

As a result of the current Covid 19 pandemic and the protective measures associated with it, the staff of the “Tafel” (food bank) are working to full capacity in many regions of Germany. In contrast to the usual practice, the food must be packed in bags prior to distribution. This is the only way the goods can be distributed to the people.

In order to support this often voluntary commitment and at least facilitate the procurement of this additionally required packaging, Halfar has donated 1,000 hard-wearing cotton bags to the two board members of the Bielefelder Tafel, Ms Stephanie Möllers and Mr Winfried Möllers.

“We hope to make the recipients a little happier, but above all we would like to thank all helpers of the Tafel for their commitment”, said managing director Armin Halfar, describing the motivation for the bag donation.

Halfar supports the food bank in Bielefeld

Armin Halfar together with the managing directors of the food bank (“Tafel”) in Bielefeld, Mrs. Stephanie Möllers and Mr. Winfried Möllers

Mouth and nose mask from HALFAR®

The current situation is exceptional for all of us and requires exceptional measures from the companies as well. For this reason, we at HALFAR® have decided to temporarily switch our production to the manufacture of mouth and nose masks.

Mund-Nase-Masken von HALFAR®

From week 16 we will start with the production of our masks in Europe. Of course, we guarantee the highest quality here as well. As the masks can be boiled out, they are also suitable for reuse. In our YouTube video you can get a better look on it.




nachhaltige Bio-Putzmittel bei HALFAR®

Sustainable cleaning products at HALFAR®

Within the scope of our sustainability strategy, we have converted all our cleaning products to sustainable organic cleaning products. In our sustainability report and the SDG’s you can read more about which measures we have implemented to protect our environment and which will follow.

nachhaltige Bio-Putzmittel bei HALFAR®

Turning old into new – Upcycling at HALFAR®

What actually happens to a truck tarpaulin which one has no further use for? At HALFAR®, we utilize it to create new bags. The German ZDF television crew that also produces the TV show WISO has filmed the way which an upcycled truck tarpaulin is undergoing. In the end, our sewing workers used the tarpaulin cuttings to make individual WISO backpacks of it. Just click at the picture below to see the full video.


Der WISO Rucksack von HALFAR®

Promotional GIft Award 2020 - HALFAR FAST LANE®

Promotional Gift Award 2020 for HALFAR FAST LANE®

We are happy to announce that we have won the Promotional Gift Award in 2020 again!
With our new decoration technique HALFAR FAST LANE® and the matching series FRAME we convinced the jury.

In only two days the jury checked 207 samples that have been send in and awarded 45 products in seven categories.

Thank you for the award!Promotional Gift Award 2020 für HALFAR FAST LANE®


Bags for Tanzania

In cooperation with the socially engaged Cornelia Delius from Bielefeld, HALFAR® donated bags and backpacks to students in Karatu, Tanzania. Two monastery sisters of the Rhotia Health Centre received the bags for the children. Now they can use them for their daily school materials.

The Rhotia Health Centre provides medical support for future mothers or in emergency cases to the inhabitants. Furthermore, the centre is currently building a room for an x-ray apparatus to improve medical support. Since all medical devices are funded by donations, every little donation is greatly appreciated. If you want to donate, too, please follow the link:


Besides the schools mentioned above Cornelia Delius also visited the pre-school of Karatu. We are happy to see that the kids like our bags.

Das HALFAR® Außenlager ist Öko-Strom und Öko-Gas zertifiziert

Our new logistics centre is certified for using green electricity and green gas!

In September we opened our new logistics centre in Bielefeld Altenhagen. From the very outset, we decided to run the warehouse in a sustainable way. Therefore, we installed a photovoltaic system on the roof and a heating which is run on green gas. As the PV system cannot produce electricity all the time, we cover the energy needed by buying green electricity. Yesterday we received the corresponding certificates.

Our logistics project coordinator Sebastian Streeck (left) and CEO Armin Halfar (middle left) accepted the certificates from the “Stadtwerke Bielefeld” (municipal utilities in Bielefeld, represented by Thomas Arnold and Karsten Niermann).


HALFAR®'s new logistics centre is certified for using green energy and green gas